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From The Desk of Steve Englehart II

Back in the late 70s, right after writing the definitive Batman, I quit comics for the first time to write my first novel, The Point Man. It was about a normal guy, Max August, who got caught up in an espionage war between two magickal forces. On Max's side was Cornelius Agrippa, a 494-year-old alchemist who had obviously mastered the art of being Timeless - never-aging, never dying on his own, but able to be killed. The Point Man, set in 1980, was a one-shot for Dell, and I never planned to write a sequel.

But when I decided to quit comics a fourth time or whatever it's been, I had an idea. What if Max himself had learned the art of being Timeless, say in 1985, and had not aged since then? Stories about immortal guys are almost always about guys who are 500 years old, but what about a guy who was now just twenty years into it, forever in the prime of his life, as his friends began to age or even die? What about a guy who was just 20 years into it and was really understanding t…

From The Desk of Steve Englehart

Ever since The Dark Knight film came out, people have been emailing me, pointing out things they noticed that came from my stories and asking for my impressions. Well...

Everyone who's seen the film has been mystified as to why it comes to an end - and then keeps going for another half hour, with a storyline that seems tacked on - where the handsome, blond, noble politician who's been the linchpin of the film that far suddenly makes a hundred-eighty degree turn to the dark side, egged on by the Joker.

As most everyone getting this knows, I wrote DARK DETECTIVE III beginning in January 2006, but Marshall Rogers died tragically and completely unexpectedly as he was drawing the first issue. What happened after that was puzzling.

A DC editor called up Terry Austin - not me - and said "There are some people up here who want that series dead, and Marshall's death gives them their excuse." Whereupon they cancelled the series. That in itself was not so puzzling, because DC …

Manifesto: Part II - Vent: A First Salvo

Before I start I'd like to say a huge thank you for the emails that have come in offering support and good wishes. I'll reply to them all and indeed have already started to. Reducing stress is the name of the game and that's exactly what I'm doing - even this rant goes a way towards my ultimate goal as it's a way to unload a lot of negative feeling towards some people, and I hate feeling negative. There's a lot of people mentioned in this article, just to be clear I have nothing but love and respect for the bulk of them, namely Norm Breyfogle and Alan Weiss, and some of the others, well I'd have a lot more respect if they'd just do the right thing. Wait and see I guess.

Imagine walking through the doors of Marvel Comics in 1961 and being asked if you wanted to be part of it. Or Image in 1991. DC. Dark Horse. You name it – we all want to be there and we’re generally jealous of those who were. My involvement with the publisher A First Salvo began in 2006 w…

More Fun With Ebay: Photocopied Original Art

Surfing the evil empire that is eBay I came across this auction. Now I've got nothing against anyone making a few bucks - hell I buy and sell on ebay almost every week - but this just sticks in my craw somewhat. Why?

Because if Norm Breyfogle decided to do the same then you can count on DC shutting him down so fast his head wouldn't have time to spin. Yet they allow an dealer to photocopy original character designs and sell them in the 'original art' section.

Just for the record. Norm sold these to a dealer back in 2006, hardly 'years ago' as described in the auction proper. How do I know this? Because at the time I placed the original details onto Norm's forum and even took a shot at selling the designs on eBay on behalf of Norm (you can see the original forum ad here). Sadly back then no-one bought them via eBay, but they did sell, and knowing Norm they sold very cheaply. Buyer beware - they're not original art, to be fair they're advertised as bein…

Manifesto: Part I - Shot Across The Bow

If I were a girl I'd be pregnant with eight kids by now. That's the conclusion that we came up with as we travelled to Melbourne for a relaxing weekend. Why would I pregnant? Because I can't say no to anyone. That's about to change...

What's wrong with this picture? We travel over 1,600 kilometers just to get away from things and relax. We can't relax here, it's impossible. Why can't we relax? Because people want a piece of me.

I'm not complaining, although it might appear that way. What I'm doing is diversifying. Over the past few months my work loads have increased out of sight. I'm taking on far too much at my day job, which is one of the more high pressured jobs that anyone should do, and I'm taking on more than I can handle outside of those hours. I have no time for my family, or me. My mental health has suffered. My physical health has also suffered. Right now I can barely walk, such is the tightness and pain in my back. For a few ho…

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