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More Masterworks Fun: The Mystery Of The Vanishing Comp Copy

When it comes to me commenting on the line of Marvel Masterworks it's been a while between drinks. However every so often something I see just makes me scratch my head and wonder if there's anything loyal, or decent about these reprints. We now know that a good percentage of the material reprinted isn't the original art, alternatively it's art that's been re-drawn by artists who remain in the shadows when it comes to proper credit. Stories signed by Gene Colan, Steve Ditko, Dick Ayers and even Jack 'King' Kirby are anything but. In some cases they're reconstructed with some lines fixed, in other cases they're totally new creations that have been drawn either freehand or traced from the comic books. Despite the protestations of a few who believe that the practice is not only moral but also decent and not to the detriment of the original artists, there's a larger number who disagree. For those who think that the practice of redrawing art without p…

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