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Hello Marvel, DC, Dark Horse & Everyone Else: A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Hire Norm Breyfogle

As people might, or might not, be aware for the better part of 2007 and 2008 I've been working on a biography/art book about Norm Breyfogle. In a situation that appears to be the norm (no pun intended) these days the publisher, after commissioning the book and allowing me to start work, with contracts of intent in place, has gone belly-up leaving me with a book that's 90% finished. More on the publisher down the track (I've not forgotten you guys and I'm still pissed off about how you've treated not only me but others, especially Alan Weiss) as they've gone under in a very poor fashion.

One of the perks of working on such a project is the art that you see. Over the past few years I've become an avid collector of Norm's art, to the point where I'm almost exclusively buying his art and no-one elses. I still get the occasional piece and there's always some artists that I'll buy (like Dave Simons!) when it's affordable and there's cash to…

Happy Birthday Joe Sinnott!

Still the best there is at a young 82.

Why do I love Joe Sinnott? He's the only American artist I've ever spoken to who told me that one of his best pals lives a few miles from me, and then asked me to call him to wish him well - which I did.

Why do I adore Joe? Because he's one of the kindest, most honestly open people I've ever had the good fortune to speak to.

Why is Joe simply the best? Because as good as you artists out there are.... just ain't this good.

Pop by the Inkwell forums and wish Joe a happy birthday. Thanks to Bob Almond Joe will be checking in and reading his well wishes, so send those greetings and some love Joe's way.

Original Art Stories: Ivan Reis's Nightmare Part II

A while back I reported on the art that you're seeing to the right, the original cover art to issue #21 of Green Lantern by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert and what happened to it. The story was one of those horror stories whereby the art was reported as being stolen in transit. One of the more eagle eyed amongst my little blog readership, Rafael Domene, saw the art in question on eBay and quickly fired down an email to let me know that it's reared it's head (so to speak) once more. The seller describes himself as being someone who is a, "...freight recovery company that specializes in buying and selling salvaged merchandise. The NPS Store deals mainly with lost, misdirected, overstocked and distressed types of merchandise from various sources throughout the United States. We currently offer merchandise."

To me that sets off all kinds of warning bells, especially when you look at what happened to the art the first time around. According to collector (and the real owne…

Inkwell Awards News: New Forum

Finally the Inkwell Awards has it's own forum. As a committee we've been throwing the idea back and forth for a while now, but needed some downtime in which to set things up and get it all going. What's made this one ever better is that the original forum is now combined with the Inkwell Awards forum. The Inkersorg forum has been around for the better part of the past two years and it was that forum's creator, PJ Magalhaes, who initially suggested that both forms be combined (so to speak) into the one stop shop for all artists and fans alike.

So what can you can expect to find there? You can just hang out and chat with people, post examples of your work to have it looked at and critiqued by professional artists, get some advice about jobs and breaking in, insider gossip about the plans for the 2009 Inkwell Awards...almost anything really. Don't take my word for it, pop on over, register and start posting.

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