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Original Art Stories: Gene Colan Tribute Comic

Before you do anything else you need to go out and buy this comic immediately. If you already own a copy then go and buy another. A joint venture between Marvel and The Hero Initiative, all the profits go to assist Gene Colan in his time of need so that should be all the reason you need to buy it. Add to that the fact that it's a damn good little comic book indeed. People might recall that I've been on the front foot when it comes to helping Gene and this is no exception. Buy it today and buy more than one copy. It contains six vintage Colan stories, all equally as good as the other and the reproduction is superb. They might not have been the stories I'd have picked, but I'd hate to be the one who decides what to include, especially when you consider that Gene has such a rich artistic history and has hardly placed a foot wrong in his career.

As anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis would know (hello all three of you) one thing that causes me some dismay is the p…

Original Art Stories: Mike Esposito & Jack Kirby

Bryan Stroud, who I frequently correspond with, has posted part two of his excellent interview with Mike Esposito. It's a damn good interview and Bryan has chosen to focus on his own area of interest, the Silver Age of DC. How good is Bryan's interview? So good that even I'm finding things I didn't know in it and I've got so many hours of Esposito on tape and transcript that it's not funny. Plus I did write a book on the guy and his partner Ross Andru. Titled Partners For Life, you might have seen it at some point, and if you haven't then peek at this page and then go and buy the book. Mike is always good value as an interview topic, even if he has withdrawn slightly from the world at large, but then at the age of 81 I'd hazard a guess and say that he's certainly deserved the rest and peace.

No matter how good an interview is there'll always be someone who'll be upset that a certain topic wasn't covered in detail. In this case there's…

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