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Original Art Stories: Batman #459 - Evolution Of A Splash Page

I'll freely admit that this kind of stuff fascinates me no end, so, hopefully, it'll be of interest to other people out there. Recently I managed to buy a cache of Norm Breyfogle art quite unlike any other lot. This art had been stored since publication and to my knowledge had never been offered for sale since sometime in the early 1990s, some of the art had never previously been on the market at all, such was the scarcity of it all. It was all offered to me, we negotiated a price for the entire collection, I paid a decent sum and now own it. I ran it past Norm at the time and he was more than happy with me purchasing the art, so no problems there.

One of the packages in the lot was probably the only existing example of thumbnails for Norm Breyfogle's Batman run. I say this with a certain amount of authority as Norm has told me more than once that he threw away what he believed were all of his preliminaries, scripts and notes for his Batman and Detective Comics runs back in…

Original Art Stories: Steve Ditko & Eric Stanton

This arrived in the email today from none other than Dave Simons. Interesting reading, as always, from the pen of Dave.

Have been reading the "controversy" about Ditko's association with Eric Stanton. I worked for Stanton myself, briefly and indirectly. I never met the man, though. Ken Landgraf used to go pick up the jobs from Stanton. Then we would work on them together, occasionally with Armando Gil, usually not. They were done on typewriter-size bond paper. Stanton would do layouts and we'd do pencil finishes. These were basically "commissions" and were never published.

This, rather than SWEETER GWEN was probably most indicative of the bulk of Stanton's career. I have to say that most of the time, even tho the material was of a sexual nature, I found little of it offensive. Some of it took a very dark turn and became disturbingly violent and as I recall I refused to work on those jobs. Probably not Stanton's choice but his…

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