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Another Ditko Review: Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko

There's clearly a lot of feeling surrounding this book if Mike DeLisa's review is anything to go on. Mike does raise a lot of questions and until they're answered then the controversy will continue. There's nothing new about popular books getting not so good reviews, or being attacked for missing facts - if you read the recent Open Letter To Gerard Jones, you'll see that none other than Joe Simon (who was there) has taken issue with Jones over his much lauded Men of Tomorrow book and a recent Marvel Masterworks introduction. These things happen. Where things go pear shaped is when people take pesonal pot-shots at others - if you don't agree with a review, or indeed don't agree with the book itself, then by all means, voice your opinion. However once you bring things into a personal attack then you can assured that your views will just be redundant.

Having said that I did state that I'm happy to post any and all reviews, within reason, with permission of …

The Last Realm: Dragonscarpe: Exclusive In-Store Signing

If you're in Adelaide this Friday then you'll be wanting to check this one out.

Appearing in store, August 8th 5:30pm to 7:30PM

Artist MICHAL DUTKIEWICZ (Batman, Wolverine & Lost in Space) and writer PAT MCNAMARA (Co-Creator of The Unknown Soldier). Both men will be signing copies of their just released book, THE LAST REALM: DRAGONSCARPE.

This event is exclusive to Adelaide Comic Centre, and more details can be found on their web-site, or by visiting the store or giving them a call: Shop 15, Citi Centre Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia, phone 82235593. I'll be popping in for a few minutes to take some happy snaps, not that my attendance will get people flocking in, but hey - it'll be a damn good day I'm sure.

Some Thoughts on Some Thoughts on Blake Bell's Book, or Did Steve Ditko Once Play Baseball?

I've yet to see the book, Stranger And Stranger: The World Of Steve Ditko primarily because I don't believe it's arrived in Australia yet. At least, if it has, it's not arrived in any shop that I know of (although I might check out Borders, again, today as they get a lot of the imports). As such I'm unable to comment on it but I did find it a tad odd to see someone writing about a man who refuses to speak about himself and would, presumably, not be offering any form of comment on a major biography, either positive or negative. We may never know what Ditko thinks of this book, presuming that he even decides to read it. The reviews I have seen have, for the most part, been very positive but virtually all of them appear to comment on how good the art is. Not very surprising, Ditko was one of the true visionaries that the comic book world has seen. His life and art deserve a volume, several in fact. However such a volume could only really work with some form of involve…

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