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The Restoration Game

The Restoration Game

By Steven Bove

It’s hard to say exactly when the idea of restoring comic art pages became a necessity. Perhaps its origins can be traced to ‘The Trick’ as Daniel Best once wrote of. In any case we live in a time when the demand for the classic material of both DC and Marvel must be met. I still maintain that the idea of restoration should be considered as a last resort. The classic Marvel stories, for instance, have been reprinted many times and with each reprint new film was created so there was always a secondary source to go to. An example of this was Marvel Masterworks vol. 10 – The Amazing Spider-Man where Marvel Tales film was used to substitute SP #28, it even said so on the final page of the story!

While at DC Comics I was one of a select few who handled restoration of art. 75% of the time I would find film to insure that customers of collected editions would get the original artists work and not a restoration by myself or anyone else.

The Crimson Avenger woul…

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