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Original Art Stories: Avengers #1; Real Or Recreation?

The above splash page is currently on eBay at the moment. Long time comic book fans would recognise it as being the splash page to the first issue of The Avengers, as drawn by Jack Kirby and inked by Dick Ayers. However I have doubts as to the veracity of the art and here's why.

A few days ago I posted a story about how Marvel have a stable of artists who they keep very quiet who's sole job is to redraw classic Marvel art for inclusion in their Marvel Masterworks line. Since that time the art representatives in question, Hyaena Gallery, have removed virtually all the listings of what art their artist, Michael Kelleher, has redrawn for Marvel. Oddly enough one of the excuses provided by Marvel for this recreation work was the lack of original art out there, but John Byrne has confirmed that he owns at least one page that Marvel had redrawn and would have happily have scanned it or made it available for inclusion in the relevant volume. There's other collectors out there who&…


In case you're wondering where I've been for the past few days this might help. This shot, taken yesterday, is of me and the other half sunning ourselves and enjoying the below sunset at downtown beach side Noosa in Queensland. Now the natives here might argue that it's a tad chilly, but when you consider that Adelaide is currently wet and freezing, even temperatures in the low 20s is warm for us. So fret now, normal service will be resumed eventually (like sometime mid next week), until then we're just gonna chill out (so to speak) and enjoy the sun and decent weather, along with the good company that family brings.

Now ain't that a postcard? Brilliant! Taken with my own little trusty Samsung digital camera. Now we're off to raid a few more shops and just drive about the state as we feel fit. Why? Because we can.

The Inkwell Awards: Revised Results

Voting for the first annual Inkwell Awards officially ended on the 31st of May and the results are now posted on the official web-site.

The Inkwell Award committee announces with deep regret that founder, Tim Townsend, due to personal reasons has decided to step down from his position and return his awards. Tim has made this decision due to a series of unfounded and malicious personal attacks upon his character and integrity and time constraints which prevent him from giving his fullest attention for the awards for 2009. It is with sadness that the committee have accepted this decision and we wish Tim all the best for the future and hope that he will return to the Inkwell Awards that he helped found in the future. Tim's input and knowledge have been invaluable and his presence will be both missed and not easily replaced. At this point in time the committee have no plans on searching for a suitable candidate for the vacant spot on the committee.

Due to Tim Townsend returning his awar…

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