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Original Art Stories: Breyfogle's Prime II

Shortly after I posted my original post regarding the Breyfogle Prime holo-cover, Norm Breyfogle himself emailed with this information, Sorry, Danny, but you're mistaken; the above holocover art wasn't rejected. Malibu did in fact use it. I don't know where you got that erroneous info.

The holocovers were done by having an artist draw a scene (in this case, me), then having another artist - a sculptor - mold the foreground figures in clay (from which a hologram was made).


Where did the confusion set in? I guess from here. Someone emailed me, ages ago (and I've since lost the original email) the published cover. Have a look at the art above and the cover below.

To my eyes they are different, but that's not Norm's fault. I expect that the sculptor changed the main Prime element slightly, but then I also expect that's to be expected. So I'm happy to stand corrected, after all Norm would and does know, what was and what wasn't published when it come…

Original Art Stories: Breyfogle's Prime

One of the most under-rated of all of Norm Breyfogle's works would have to be the Malibu series Prime. I fully intend to cover the Prime series at length in the upcoming Breyfogle Book (that's letting the feline out of the sack) but until then I wanted to show this unique piece of art.

For the first issue of Prime Norm was asked to create a holo-cover. Holo-covers were all the rage back in the early 1990s and Malibu could recognise the selling power of a gimmick when they saw one. Making a holo-cover isn't the easiest of process, basically they're different elements of art that are merged into one, laser photographed and given the impression of 3D. Great work if you can do it. For some reason this cover was rejected and Norm soon created another - which I don't have the scans for! Still, check these out - the elements of a holo-cover that was a homage to Action Comics #1.

The background. This is the only element done on actual art board. Here Norm pulls back from the…

Original Art Stories: Gene Colan: More Auctions

Clifford Meth has been working overtime when it comes to the auctions for Gene Colan. You can see some images here, but I recommend you scoot on over to the auctions themselves and bid, bid, BID!

This first image is part of my contribution/donation to the Gene Colan Benefit. I wracked my brains to come up with something that would fetch a decent amount for Gene and then settled for a signed copy of the Andru & Esposito book. But not just any signed copy - so far, to date, it's the only copy signed by both Mike Esposito and myself. I always promised myself I'd not sign any copies of the book, but relented when asked. The art you see here I also donated - it's the actual original art that Mike inked (over a copy of Ross Andru pencils) that was used for the front piece for the limited edition signed copy of the book. It was hard to part with this, but as it's now over the $100 mark, well that's vindication for me, and more funds for Gene. And that's what counts…

Letters From Beyond: Edgar Allan Poe

This incredible letter from Edgar Allan Poe was offered in Charles Hamilton's 43rd auction, held on the 23rd of July, 1970. An amazing document, it's described as being 'almost 1 full page, Philadelphia, Saturday Morning, August 26 (1843).' This is an unpublished letter and states, "I am obliged to go to Richmond for a few weeks on pressing business, and all the money I can raise I am forced to take with me. I leave this note, however, with my mother-in-law, Mrs Clemm, who will hand it to you.If you can spare he amount for the article I left with you please do so," It then goes on to reveal something amazing in the postscript, "Patterson, of 'The Post', gave me, some weeks ago, for 'The Black Cat', 20$. I presume the article you have is worth as much - being longer and, I think, better."

I'm sure you can spot what makes this as desirable as anything else I've covered from the Charles Hamilton auctions - in this letter Poe clai…

Original Art Stories: Gene Colan: An Update IV

For those who've been asking, here's the latest on Gene Colan's condition, from the desk of his lovely wife, Adrienne.

As you can see, we've been blessed by all of you as well as fans and professional artists donating artwork to sell on Ebay.

I've tried so hard to keep up with thanking you all online here and privately (when I have your emails and can remember to do it). But, if any of you have the emails or belong to chat groups of the artists's and others that have contributed to these ebay auctions , I sure would appreciate that info. Also, if you can just network for me and get the word to all these people that Gene and I are blown away by their generosity, that would be such a tremendous help to me and a big relief. I worry that they won't know what their kindness means to Gene and me.

Also, if any of you know some of the people who have sent items to us, like signed T shirts from a convention, the London Times from someone e…

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