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Potted Review: The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus

The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus. Now that's a title. Ya know, even if I didn't like Fred Hembeck I'd still review this book. But I do like Fred - he's a class act and a damn good guy with a sense of humour that just doesn't stop. Well, perhaps it does stop. When he sleeps. Either way this is a pretty darned impressive volume indeed. My first reaction when I picked it up is, "Bugger me, it's a bloody phone book!" It's very similar to an Essential or a Showcase only it's heavy. And I mean, get a truck to carry it home heavy.

Fred informed the world a while back as to what this volume would contain and he wasn't just whistling dixie. It has virtually everything he's ever done, including the Fantaco books that came out in the early 1980s, cover to cover. Add to that almost anything and everything that Fred's done since, stuff you've always wanted to read again, stuff you're happy seeing for the first t…

Random Updates

Loads of things to cover today, but I'll cover the most important ones for now.

First up - something close to my own heart - the Inkwell Awards. There's only 3 more days remaining so if you haven't gotten around to placing your support behind your favorite ink artists yet you only have until this Saturday May 31st. I'll freely admit that I've not voted - yet. I always leave things to the last second (something about that last minute rush of blood to the head) but my votes will be going in shortly. This'll be your last chance to vote on who you think are the cream of the inking crop, so go for it. Remember - if you're an inker, you can vote for yourself. Results will be announced soon as we can.

Go to the site and vote!

Who is that handsome man and why is he smiling? Why, it's none other than Bob Almond, the brains behind the Inkwell Awards. Why is he smiling? Because he's Bob! Not so much an update than a shout out - Bob is an all round damn nice guy a…

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