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Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, Part I

I was deeply shocked and saddened to read this email, which crossed my desk this evening. From Gene Colan's wife, Adrienne, it documents Gene's current health problems. With Adrienne and Gene's permission I'm posting it here, and there'll be a plea at the end of the email itself. Not for money, but for a simple act of appreciation.


My darling, sweet, handsome and brilliantly gifted husband's liver is failing. The complications are very nasty. This week it's fluid retention and encephalitis. He's on powerful meds now to diminish the symptoms. He sleeps a lot and has very little energy. He wants you all to know how badly he wanted to attend the convention. He so seriously wanted to see you all and shoot the breeze.

Not sure how long we have left together, but our family whole and we'll be taking this sad journey together and nearby.

Anyone with commissions outstanding, I'll have a sense within the next couple of weeks if he ca…

Hidden Gems On My MP3 Player: Russell Morris


I can't help but think that if this song had been released by an American or an English group instead of Australian Russell Morris then it'd have been hailed as a true masterpiece in psychedelic music. To show how good this song is it was released in America without any fanfare and although it failed on the national charts it managed to reach the top spot in regional charts, in cities such as New York and Chicago. Not bad for a song that had no promotion at all. Imagine what would have been if a record company got behind it. Sadly this video misses the most vital part of the song - the epic ending. Trust me, it has to be heard to be believed.

This tune is a killer. It's one of my all time favourites, not because it's a stunning song, but it's one of those rare tunes that shouldn't work because of the people involved. The song was written by Johnny Young, who most Australians would remember as being the face of Young Talent Ti…

What's Wrong With Elizabeth? Jimmy Barnes Is Right!

Here’s a short message to all of those who are whinging about recent comments in relation to Elizabeth: Jimmy Barnes is right. It’s as simple as that. You can bleat all you want about people bringing the suburb that you represent down, but Barnes has a valid point – Elizabeth is dying by degrees and a lot of the blame for that lies at the feet of politicians who, over the years, appear to have totally ignored the growing social problems of the area in favour of flash and polish. Changing the name of a suburb and doing up real estate that faces main roads does not mean that all the problems are cleared up. You can take a dog turd, dip it in chocolate, place sprinkles on it and wrap it in a bow. It’ll look mighty tempting and lovely, but when you bite into it you’ll taste the same old shit as always.

I used to be embarrassed to tell people that I grew up in Elizabeth. There was a very valid reason for this. If I told people I grew up in Elizabeth they’d automatically ask me if I was a fe…

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