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EEEEEKKKKKK!!! It's The Death Squard!

Is it just me or has spam email dropped to a poorer quality than usual? I'm sure that everyone has heard of this one, the Death Squad email. The premise is that someone has been hired to kill you and unless you pay the assassin a higher amount then BANG! you be dead. Ironically enough Dr Bronze and myself discussed this the other night and I advised him that it's bad business to approach the person you've been hired to kill. Why?

Simple economics. If Dr Bronze hires me to slay Chadwick for a sizable amount of money then the odds are good that I'll be getting further work from Bronze. So if I then approach Chadwick and get more cash out of him, well, no more work for me. It might be a large amount, but it's all a one-off. I'd rather have the steady employment, as distasteful as it might seem. So when you get one of these emails, have a read and then have a chuckle. In fact I'll share the one I got, from the DEATH SQUARD themselves. And that's not my typo,…

People Of Note: Rob Allen

He mentions me a bit and always has a kind word, so here's a thread you need see. I've never spoken to Rob Allen, never met the guy and I don't think we've even crossed paths on any forum or message board, but damn he does good work. Rob has his own little corner of the world over at the Comic Book Resources Forum titled Rob's Fun Links Of The Day. It's well worth checking out as he trawls the internet looking for little tid-bits that might escape wider notice and places them there for everyone to see. Go and visit, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find there, and believe me you'll spend the better part of the day just clicking links and finding all kinds of surprises that you probably never thought existed - including a link for a "virtual" Merry Marvel Marching Society membership kit and this brilliant link (for all of you out there who think because something is on the internet then it's fine to lift it and publish it in yo…

The Story Of "I Shall Return": General Douglas MacArthur And The Ghosts Of Terowie

(The army staging camp, August 2007)
This is a tale of a once proud town that was host to one of the most important, and inspiring, moments of World War II. A town that was once referred to as the 'Hub of the North', a bustling little metropolis in the bush. A town that is now overlooked, forgotten and rapidly falling into ruin, buildings falling into dust and as devoid of people as any other little town in the outback.

Founded in the mid 1800s, Terowie is found roughly 200 kilometres from the heart of Adelaide and it can be found on most maps. Along with its sister city, Peterborough, Terowie was vital to the state in general. When the railroads were laid across the country two different gauges were laid, for reasons which still escape me. In order to cross the country there were certain locations where people would have to change trains. In South Australia Peterborough and Terowie served that service for rail that crossed the state coming from Northern Territory via Alice Spri…

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