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Nexus #100 -- FINALLY!!

It's not often that a comic book comes out that genuinely excites me, especially in this day and age. Call me jaded all you want but the facts are that I've seen so much that mainstream comics just don't do it for me anymore. It's the little publishers that get the juices going, publishers like First Salvo and now Rude Dude. And with the latter it's this book in particular that's got me buzzing to anyone within earshot.

NEXUS!!! 100 issues! FINALLY!!!

I've been waiting for this milestone for so long I've lost count of the years. Nexus has gone through too many publishers to think about and has a long and arduous journey to get to this point. Nexus first made it's debut back in 1981 and it's only now that issue #100 has hit the shelves, and that's down the drive and vision of one man alone - Steve Rude.

Not so long ago Steve Rude turned his back on the easy money that Marvel and DC would have gleefully thrown his way to draw their creations an…

Original Art Stories: Frank Brunner

This is how an art book should be - welcome to Frank Brunner's Mythos!

I've always freely admitted that I've been a massive fan of Frank Brunner since I was a wee little kidlet being drawn to his art on titles such as Dr Strange. It didn't matter who inked his work, although pure Brunner was always good, it looked stunning. That he had an inker such as Dick Giordano didn't hurt his cause, and then there were those two Dr Strange pages inked by Alan Weiss which offered a tantalising glimpse into what could have been. Not to mention the one issue where Neal Adams touched Frank's pencils. Seriously, those Dr Strange issues are as good as the title ever got, and that's not to denigrate the efforts of the other fine artists such as Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, Marshall Rogers, Paul Smith and a host of others who came before and after. Brunner's run is one of the most remembered, co-written by Steve Englehart, it remains a high point in Marvel's early 1970'…

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