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Conan In Australia: An Incomplete History

Be warned, this is going to be technical and rather dry. So if you're looking for something funny then you'd be better of looking in a mirror. If you want to see the covers for virtually all of the comics listed here then click on the different publisher titles.

For a character so popular in all parts of the world, Conan The Barbarian hasn’t had a rich publishing history in regards to Australian comic books. The Robert E Howard books, along with the authors that followed, were always available in paperback format but the Australian publishers generally treated the Conan comic book like any other mainstream title when it came to reprints; that is not as desirable as books such as Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four.

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The first appearance of Conan in Australian comic books appears to have been within the pages of CLIMAX ADVENTURE ALBUM #10, as published by Kenmure. It is with this book that the first mystery surrounding Conan in Austral…

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