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Welcome Brian Postman

Another artist has been welcomed into my little nest of web-sites - Brian Postman. While he might not be a name that everyone knows off the top of their head, he is a damn good artist all the same. Brian had a relatively short career at Marvel in the 1980s, but managed to draw a handful of Spider-Woman titles along with issues of Marvel Team-Up (inked by Mike Esposito) and Marvel Super Heroes. Since that time Brian has kept himself both busy and gainfully employed by working as a commercial artist, drawing storyboards and advertising illustrations. Brian is available for commissions and his rates are amongst the best around, so go and visit his site, have a look around and see if you don't walk out wanting to buy something.

Brian came to me via Dave Simons and I couldn't be happier. Welcome Brian! May your stay be a long and fruitful one.


What you're seeing here is The Best Inker award that'll be presented as part of the 2008 Inkwell Awards. People are gonna kill to get one of these. I assure you. They will. But they're going to have to have certain qualities before they get near one. They'll need to have earned a lot. They'll need to have earned. They'd need to have worked damn hard. It won't be easy but the reward will be great.


Because this is an award that is open to one aspect of the creation of comic books. And it's one of the most under appreciated and as such overlooked part of the creative process - inking.

Stop laughing. Or I'll get slightly angry. Really I will.

You think of some of the great artists of all time. Jack Kirby. John Byrne. Marshall Rogers. Jim Starlin. Mike McKone. Mike Zeck. Norm Breyfogle. Alan Davis. Frank Robbins. Gene Colan. Carmine Infantino. All great artists. However as good as they were, and are, with a bad inker they could look, well ordinary. With…

Happy Valentines Day You Goose

I've never seen the point of Valentine's Day. Not once. Growing up the day just made me feel foul as I was a perennially spotty single bastard. I'd see the girls I wanted to know going weak at the knees at people who I'm sure grew up to be either dead, in jail or DV perpetrators. As I got older it made even less sense. It still makes no sense to me, so go ahead and explain it if you want.

I know that the florists love the day, as do the idiots that make those sappy cards or send in the utterly laughable and barely literate text messages like, "baby, im gonna fall 4 U tonite", or, "fee the luv we make is equal to the luv we take so baby let me bang your box luv Reg" to the various morning television shows. There'd be a pile of people cleaning up today and I suppose good on them. However if people are that insecure in their own relationships that they actually need a day in which to be reminded that it's a good idea to express their feelings an…

Steve Gerber; 1947 - 2008

He's gone.

I couldn't believe the email when it hit my inbox this morning. Steve Gerber, writer of some of the finest comics of my childhood is gone. Sadness doesn't even capture how I feel right now, a sense of emptiness, a sense of loss, a sense of numb. There's a lot of emotions, sadness is but one aspect. But no matter how I feel others are feeling worse, and at the end of it all I'll wake up tomorrow and Steve will still be gone.

Plenty of other sites will be going over his career as a writer, they'll be talking about his creations, Omega The Unknown amongst them. They'll talk about his collaborations with Mary Skrenes on that book. They'll talk about possibly his greatest creation, Howard The Duck, and how that went sour. They'll bring up the fact that he sued Marvel Comics in the 1970s for the rights and ownership of Howard, and how he lost, yet won. He might have lost the battle but he won the war and it was his boldness and vision that set th…

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