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Looking Back With Fred Hembeck

It's hard not to like Fred Hembeck. At least, I find it hard not to like the guy, but then I do know people who look at his stuff and remain fairly stone faced, so I guess I'll clarify that - if you've got any form of a sense of humour then it's hard not to like Fred Hembeck. If you take your comic books seriously, and think that those characters are real then you're probably not a fan of Hembeck. More's the shame because Fred loves these characters too, which is why he does what he does.

Fred Hembeck has been around for decades now. He's an institution. He's been providing the comic book world with his own unique insights into it's history since he began submitting his drawings and commentaries back in the 1970s. And the comic book world is a better place for it, and a better place for Fred Hembeck. Love him or hate him, and frankly if you hate him then you really need to lighten up a lot, he's still going strong and will only be getting stronge…

New Day, New Site

When I launched the parent site to this blog back in 2003 I never expected that it'd still be going five years later, but there it is. The idea for the site was that I might be able to sell some of my collection, eBay screwed that pooch for good. In quick time the site became a repository for interviews, articles and a pile of other good, fine stuff that I was doing at the time. Via the site I met a lot of people, some good, some bad, and some are now lifelong friends, so if the site only did that then it did more than I expected it to.

When I first started it I did a basic site design, with primary colours and made sure it was easy to maintain. Everyone around me was telling me to use either php or something designed in Dreamweaver, but frankly I'm not a web-master by any stretch of the imagination - I wanted something fairly idiot proof that I could do myself. I didn't want to be tied down to relying on anyone to upload or lay stuff out - as I thought of something I wante…

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