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Alan Grant Talks Norm Breyfogle

Hey Marvel, DC, Dark Horse - all of ya!!! Go and read the latest issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine. But since you probably won't bother then please allow me to quote none other than Alan Grant as he speaks about an artist you've passed by.

"The artist on Detective at the time was Norm Breyfogle. 'When a writer and artist hit it off, like Wagner and Ezquerra, they add a dimension to stories nobody put there before. Some kind of synergy shines through. You can see it in nearly everything John's worked on with Carlos. All the important characters John's created, I'd say, were done with Carlos. I felt the same about Breyfogle - Norm was my Carlos and I was his Wagner!'

"Grant was recently asked to write an introduction for a book showcasing Breyfogle's art. 'I read over the first two years of Batman we did together. I hate blowing my own trumpet about anything. I don't usually do it. My work either stands up on its own or falls down, I can&#…

Heath Ledger; 1979 - 2008

It came as a definite shock. A blow. Out of the blue and when all the dust settles it'll go down as one of the more senseless losses that the Australian motion picture industry has seen in a very long time.

Cast off the controversy that surrounded Ledger and you'll find an actor that hadn't even gotten near his full potential. I first saw Ledger in the film Two Hands, where he more than held his own against Bryan Brown, an actor at the height of his powers. Ledger not only carried the movie but stole entire scenes from others such as Susie Porter and the then also rising star, Rose Byrne, and showed a poise and maturity beyond his years. That this movie isn't better known on a global scale is simply criminal. If you get a chance to see it then settle in and get ready for the ride of your cinematic life. It's a shame that most people won't get the chance to see it on the large screen, where it truly belongs.

Ledger then went Hollywood where he made a few larg…

An Open Letter To Marvel From Dave Simons

Following in the spirit of Michael Netzer's 'Open Letter To DC' I'd like to present the world with the following.

Dave Simons, artist, contacted me a few days ago with the following letter and sketches, in which he makes a good case for the return of one of Marvel's more nuttier creations, Squirrel Girl. That Dave is more than willing to draw the character, and is more than able to do so, only adds to the appeal. But enough from me for now, here's Dave's letter:

Just when I was bemoaning that Marvel can't do "cute" and "fun" any more, they come out with Squirrel Girl in Great Lakes Initiative. I just discovered her online.

This is the kind of character that I love! It was no accident that I cut my inking teeth on Howard the Duck.

What I'd like to see happen is for Squirrel Girl to get involved in a romance, possibly with some completely ordinary jerk, as in manga "magical girlfriend" type stories. She needs a bit of a re-de…

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