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Monte Cristo: Something Wicked This Way Comes

We're currently travelling around the countryside like a pair of demented Leyland Bothers, and other than encountering some very dodgy hotel rooms with drip feeders posing as showers, we're having a damn good time. So far, in two days, we've covered just under 1,800 kilometers and have stopped to snap off several happy snaps of ruins, the site of the Cowra breakout and much more. Including Monte Cristo.

Monte Cristo has the dubious reputation of being one of, if not the most haunted house in Australia. Pound for pound it has more reported ghosts than any other place outside of the odd cemetery, but you'd not want to hang with that fact. Their own web-site has the history of the place, so I won't go into extensive detail about what happened when and to who, but it is worth bearing in mind that more than one person have refused to enter the place or have had odd experiences whilst there.

You can count me in the latter list now. I've known about Monte Cristo for yea…

Original Art Stories: Alex Saviuk's Phantom

I've always admitted that I like Alex Saviuk. He was one of Marvel Comic's unsung and as such under appreciated artists of the 1990s, a role that he also served at DC in the 1980s. There was nothing spectacular about his art, he wasn't a flash merchant on Spider-Man like Todd McFarlane, but he certainly wasn't a hack pumping out sub-standard art to make a living. Alex was, and still is, a solid, dependable artist, and no matter what the character, from Green Lantern to Superman, from Iron Man to Spider-Man he gave it his best shot. In what would become his longest, and best remembered run, he began drawing Web Of Spider-Man in 1988 with issue #35 and remained on the title, with few exceptions, until issue #116 in 1994. It was a good run on a popular title of the time and helped enhance Alex's reputation. He then moved from the book proper to the newspaper strip, Spider-Man, where he remains to this day.

His comic book career stalled when he was asked to launch a new…

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