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The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus

You need this book, I kid you not. I've been a huge fan of Fred Hembeck since I can recall, well, at least since I first saw, bought and read his Fantastic Four Roast and the legendary Fred Hembeck Destroys The Marvel Universe. What made Hembeck appealing to me was that as I was buying both books from the Black Hole Book (and comic) Shop* the owners berated me for wasting good money on such crap. I think they'd rather of had me buy something else, but just what else I'll never know. At least they didn't deal drugs openly like another certain Adelaide store**. Still, I bought both books and enjoyed them no end. From there it wasn't a simple matter, but I did manage to buy the complete set of the Fantaco books that reprinted his Dateline Hembeck material - let me just say this, they're some of the funniest and well put together books you could possibly hope to find. They're still a delight to read and it'll be great having them all in the one volume, fina…

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