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Moving House

If anyone out there is wondering why I've been quiet of late then here's the answer: we moved house. Not willingly mind you, our hand was forced because the owner wanted the place to fix up and the land agents decided to go back on their word to allow us to remain at the property, but at the end of the day we've found a place far better than what we had, as I hadn't realised how old and tired the other place had become until we cleared it out. So it goes.

As always nothing ran as smoothly as it should have, but this time things went better than any other move I've done. We pre-planned everything and got things going as we went, this was despite a car company taking our booking for a three-tonne truck only to tell us that they couldn't fulfil the booking until well into the day (bringing into mind the Seinfeld syndrome: You can take the booking but you can't hold the booking). Luckily for us we found another truck a short notice and a day later we'd moved…

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