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New York Scam: A Serious Warning For All Travellers

Be warned - read this, take note and learn the easy way - we've learnt this lesson the hard way.

As people who read this stuff on some form of a regular basis might be aware we're off to New York in just over a month. Three weeks in New York, one week in San Fransisco. The key, for us anyway, is booking some decent accommodation, so we decided that, as we're going to be in New York for three weeks solid, that we'd go for a serviced apartment over a hotel room. So we started looking on the proper web-sites for places until we found one. Great location, it does exist, great photos - the lot. Perfect for our needs. The other half made contact with the 'owner' via the web-site and made arrangements to pay. We were asked to pay via MoneyGram, no biggie and no alarm bells started to ring - we've not done this before and all seemed normal. We made the first payment and got an email back from the 'owner' saying he'd gotten the payment and could we fix th…

Boxed Into A Corner: Hellcat, Englehart, Breyfogle & Brevoort

I found this entry in Tom Brevoort's blog an interesting one, dealing as it did with the trouble Hellcat mini-series. On the surface of things the mini-series should have been a gangbuster - it was written by the legendary Steve Englehart, drawn by Norm Breyfogle and coloured by Tom Smith. None of that trio are newcomers to the scene by any stretch of the imagination. Englehart has forged a long and illustrious career in comic books, stretching back to the 1970s where he had stellar (and in some cases defining) runs on the like of The Avengers at Marvel and Batman at DC (the latter with Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin - one of the best comic book runs around if you ask me). Breyfogle is considered to be one of the best Batman artists of the last twenty five years or so and has worked on virtually every major character at DC and quite a few at Marvel. Tom Smith is George Perez's colourist of choice and was hot from his run on the Avengers (over Perez) and was about to begin co…

God Finally Speaks

You know, I thought I was doing well with some of the people I've interviewed over the years. And not just in the comic book circles. After all not only did I interview Johnny Ramone back in the day (still got that tape somewhere), but I also got up on stage and belted out a tune during a soundcheck with the band themselves. That's Godlike surely?


In a world's first God has finally spoken and, naturally, He has decided to speak to His disciple on Earth, Michael Netzer. Yep, this is what we've been missing.

I can't wait for further installments.

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