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Chilling Tales Of Horror #3

I love this cover!!! I picked this up last night as I've been on bit of a buying spree of late in regards to the Australian horror comics, and this one takes the cake for having one of the best, most original covers out there. It's almost as if the editors at Page Publications decided that they couldn't come up with a cover in time, so just increase the font size! Brilliant!

I'll document the contents soon, but first I have to wade through another forty or so Gredown's and other assorted Australian horror reprints.

Goldengate: Hopefully The Last Word

This scan just arrived today from Gerry Turnbull. This is that that John Byrne has given to Gerry in response to the now infamous Michael Golden commission that went horribly wrong. Not too shabby indeed. With a suitable resolution now worked out between the collectors and Golden things can go back to normal and people can move on. I'd still be curious to know if this saga has put anyone off getting a Golden commission, or if it's had the opposite effect. I know where I stand with it.

It's odd, but people still insist on paying artists up front with no time frames. I have two cover quality commissions being done right as you read this, they've been worked on for the last month and a bit, and the artist (via his rep) has insisted that he'll accept no payment until they're done, and even then if I decide I don't want them, well no problem. I'm more than happy with that.

It all comes down to one phrase; Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware.

Angus & Robertson: Boycott The Bastards & An Offer To Publishers

It's not often that I'll sit up and declare my intentions so publicly, but in this case I see no other option. For what it's worth I won't be buying another piece of product from the Angus & Robertson chain of bookstores. I'm well aware that by taking this stance I'll be punishing some small business owners (those who own and operate various franchises) but the recent decision of the company owners to send out letters of demand like the one opposite (you can read the text and the response here) makes my blood boil.

For those who aren't aware. The bean counters who run A&R have decided that small publishers will now have to pay for the privilege of having their books on sale in Angus & Robertson book stores. The profit that the stores and the chain make from those books aren't enough, they want more. What this does is squeeze a lot of independent publishers out of the market as some won't be able to afford to buy shelf space as opposed …

"We're Gonna Win-a This Race-a Uh Huh!"

Anyone that's listened to Eddie Murphy knows the meaning of the title of this entry and where it came from.

Today I thought I'd celebrate the passing of The Messiah by eating a dozen cheeseburgers, dropping a handful of Quaaludes, watching Clambake, inviting some chums around to sing timeless classics like Dominic the Impotent Bull, Song of the Shrimp, He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad, The Bullfighter Was A Lady, The Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Petunia the Gardener's Daughter, A Cane and a High Starched Collar, The Whiffenpoof Song and If My Aunt Had Nuts She'd Be My Uncle. Well, maybe not the latter, because Elvis never sang that. He did sing, and release recordings, of the other titles though. If you don't believe me then check it out for yourself. For every Heartbreak Hotel there were a dozen totally crap songs that he recorded for various films. After all of that I'll try an re-enact his last moments and see if I can't str…

Hidden 'Gems' On My MP3 Player: #12 - Sophie B Hawkins


I can't help but enjoy this song, even if it's not the best effort that Sophie B Hawkins has done, although it does come damn close, for my money that honour must surely go to another tune of hers, Right Beside You, a song that comes as close to being the perfect pop song as possible. Purists will now decry me as being an idiot, hey, join the list, it's long and illustrious and growing every day. Like I care.

I can't remember when I first heard this, probably on the radio back in the day, and it left no impact upon me at all. However now I know why. On radio, or TV, it's just another song, however it wasn't until I threw it onto my MP3 player that I truly discovered the depths and layers to the tune. The drums sound like they're lifted straight from Led Zeppelin's When The Levee Breaks and that's just the start of it. There's all kinds of innuendo in the lyrics, little background whispers and the ma…

Original Art Stories: The Don Perlin 'Shit' Page

Out of all the stories I've been told from artists over the years this one still holds a special place in my heart, and, frankly, it's still one of the funniest. Back in 2003 I interviewed Don Perlin for my main web-site and he gave me the following story about he being the first person to use the word 'shit' in a mainstream comic book. At the time I was aware of profanity in comic books, via that famous Ka-Zar cover, but I wasn't aware that one of my favourite titles as a kid, The Defenders (the page in question is page 2 from issue #89), also had swearing within the pages. It might seem tame, especially when you consider that you can pick up comic books off the racks now to find language in them that'd make Richard Pryor blush, God bless his soul, but in the day it was shocking, flash forward to 2003 and it was just too damn amusing.

After Don had told me the story, and I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes, he then told me that he believed that the page …

A Cautionary Tale

Beware the company about to go broke. What's been happening to me of late is the sort of stuff you see on current affair programs, but as we've been there, done that, I see no need to try it again (however if anyone out there is covering such stories then feel free to drop me a line). Here's the story...

Way back in 1995 I decided to buy a computer and replace the phone book that I was using as a lap-top. Not that there was anything wrong with the lap-top, it was a good enough workhorse, it ran Windows 3.1 (remember that?) and it got me on the Internet with enough power to check emails, check the Internet, chat in a few Java based chat rooms and it enabled me to send articles to wherever they had to go. Still the lure of a main machine running *gasp* Windows 95 was a strong one, so I wandered over to the local electrical shop, E_____hs (who are now long gone, for obvious reasons) and checked the current line out. The prices were high, as they were in those days, and I could…

The Spirit: The Australian Connection

Have you ever seen anything like it? Probably not. What can anyone say about Will Eisner's The Spirit that hasn't already been said? Eisner was a genius and each time I read The Spirit I'm blown away by the sheer scope of his vision. He was decades in front of almost anyone you'd care to mention and frankly no-one has come close to doing what he was doing back then. Since Eisner's untimely passing others have picked up the title, but, in my own opinion, the book is a pale shade of what it once was. I'm also not holding out any great hopes for the movie, as directed by Frank Miller. I can't think of anyone less qualified to direct a film of The Spirit than Miller, going on his latest work.

This little stunner was hiding in amongst a pile of Australian Gredown comics that I bought at Camberwell. It stands to reason that Gredown would have reprinted The Spirit, as Warren Magazines had also reprinted the title starting in 1974. Kenmure had the monolopy on Warren…

Stan Cross

Just back from Melbourne today. We had a decent trip, uneventful driving wise (always the best way) and we spent a pile of cash (and made none!). I bought quite a few things, some DVDs and books that I've been after for a while, along with piles of Aussie comics (more on that later) and other assorted goodies. The find of the trip would have to be the strip art as drawn by none other than the legendary Stan Cross. I haven't been able to date the art just yet, I presume that it's a post World War II Wally & The Major strip, but if anyone out there knows exactly what it is then let me know asap.

If I told you what I paid for it you'll only cry, needless to say it's in a good home now and it won't be going anywhere in any great hurry.

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