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Strummin' With The Devil

I'm always a bit dubious about 'tribute' albums. They can be either hit or miss and usually they're very miss, especially when the albums are done in vastly different styles to the originals. However in this case the results are pretty damned impressive. Strummin' With The Devil features classic David Lee Roth era Van Halen songs done in a bluegrass fashion and, well, it's worth finding. If the blurb is correct Roth himself was the one who instigated this, no great surprise there as he's always gone outside of the realm of hard rock and heavy metal (anyone remember his reading of 'That's Life' on Eat 'Em And Smile, not to mention parts of 2003's Diamond Dave) unlike his ex-band mates. Hang on, are they ex-band mates? Well no-one is really sure - the last word I heard was that Michael Anthony had finally been booted from Van Halen, Roth re-instated and Eddie Van Halen's son, Wolfgang, was in the band as bassist, all for a 'reunion…

Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover!

Damn! Hold onto yourselves gals and guys! It's the now legendary lady killer DeKlerq in all his glory. This is one of the few times ole Klerqy has sat still long enough for me to get some shots off, here's how he looks first thing in the morning. Hell, here's how he looks all day and most of the night, with his fat, hairy gut hanging out (at times he looks like he has the feline equivalent of man boobies). Girls, he's available, if you like your cats with silky smooth fur, manic looks, a lot of sharp claw action, paws the size of baseball mits, a yowl that really sounds like the word 'Yowl!' and a large, fat cat beer gut, then make a date.

Mind you, don't make it a dinner date. This pig of a cat never stops eating. DeKlerq, a cat so handsome in his own pointy headed manner that his name shall forevermore be in bold type.

Incredible: Dating A Cat

As anyone who reads my stuff here on any kind of a regular basis knows this photo is of our latest addition, the pointed headed black cat with the variety of names (the latest being 'Prickle', because he has a head shaped like a three cornered jack). Good ole DeKlerq, for that is his name, is also the image I use on the My (Waste Of) Space page instead of my own face. Now we like the cat but in this photo he's ugly. He's manic. He has an eye infection and he's hissing. And he's in a frying pan.

However girls clearly find him to be irresistible! Today I got notification that I had an email waiting for me at said site, I logged in and found an email waiting, inviting me to visit another site so I could be set up to lose what little money I have left. Amongst the ranting and ravings and invites of sex this line grabbed me: "So um, my name is Deanna. I think you and I should probably be friends, because you seem pretty cool, and maybe even cute! (it'…

More Original Art Stories: DC Comics Archives Vol 1

More from the on-line pen of The Former DC Staffer arrived today. I actually own this book so I read this with a great degree of interest. I always thought I was the only one who read this kind of stuff with interest, so it came as a pleasant surprise to learn (and discover) that not only are people reading this, but a few people who've worked in the industry at the time are also enjoying the FDCS posts and following them with an even greater interest - after all if they were there and weren't aware of what was going on, well then how are we to know the behind the scenes activities. I've always known it, some books have more than suggested it, that sometimes the stories behind the stories we know and love are far more interesting and enjoyable. This entry is no exception - what you think you're seeing isn't what it's supposed to be.

Over to The Former DC Staffer!

Towards the end of my tenure at DC Comics (1989) the inevitable finall…

My (Waste Of) Space

Ok, took the plunge and finally set up one of those My Space pages. You can now direct your spammers to this url:

Beats me what I'll do with this thing, or if I'll even check it. I do know that about two seconds after I set it up some wanker was already spamming me to buy something, or to promote some crap he's doing. My blog will still stay here though, so either don't fret, or worry a lot. Personally I think it's a huge exercise in wank, but it seems that it's the way to go these days. I expect now that the site will sell my email (no matter what a site says it's going to do, with that many email addresses you know they're selling them) and I'll get even more invites to have a bigger penis and win more lotteries. Oh rapturous joy!

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