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What can you say about the Justice League of America that hasn't already been said virtually everywhere else. Before the Fantastic Four, the JLA were the group that relaunched super hero team books for the Silver Age. Legend has it that Marvel publisher Martin Goodman was golfing with his DC counterpart Jack Liebowitz. Liebowitz boasted about the sales that his new book, the Justice League Of America, was gaining. Goodman returned to the Marvel offices and ordered Stan Lee to come up with a suitable counterpart. Lee and his co-creator, Jack Kirby, then brought the Fantastic Four to life, with Kirby going as far to swipe the cover design of the JLA's initial appearance (Brave & The Bold #28) for the first issue of the FF.

The JLA was always one of the flagship titles for DC. Some of the company's greatest talents have worked on the book, Neal Adams, Mike Sekowsky, Gardner Fox, Murphy Anderson, Nick Cardy, George Perez, Jim Starlin, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Dick Giord…

Elvis Movies: Change Of Habit

My mother loves Elvis Presely and his movies. She has them all on DVD or video, take your pick and she'll sit and watch them for hours on end. She's always tried to tell me how great they are, and, truth to be known, some aren't that bad, although I can reduce to her abuse and laughter by uttering one word: Clambake. The concert movies are watchable, and the first, pre-Army Elvis movies kind of work. Elvis movies reached their peak for me in his last one, Change Of Habit, where Mary Tyler Moore(!) played a nun who has to choose between the Church and Elvis, who plays a doctor. As if Mary as a nun didn't already spin you out - Elvis as a doctor? The mind boggles. You can imagine all the prescriptions that Elvis would be writing, not to mention how many times he'd be dipping into the drug cabinet. Self medication here we come!

As I recall it the movie wasn't much chop, just Elvis being Elvis, singing a couple of songs, always with that invisible band that used to …

U2: Popmart Live Finally On DVD

This press release just found it's way into my email. At last another one of the great U2 concerts for the world to finally enjoy on DVD. I'm happy that it didn't take as long for the band and label to release this DVD as it did for them to release the 1993 Sydney ZooTV concert. For all the talk about bootlegging and piracy in the marketplace the bands and record labels have to take some responsibility. If they'd only release more of this kind of vintage material then people wouldn't be going out and buying it illegally. Me? I'd love to see more U2 stuff out there - especially the ZooTV/Achtung Baby era material. Still Pop was a bloody impressive album, containing some of the band's best songs and this remains an impressive tour (I had to drive to Melbourne in a clapped out Beetle to see it and took out Skippy on the way back, but that's a story for another time), so I'll be buying it, cranking it up and enjoying it. Now if only they'd release t…

Vinnie Colletta Redux

This one arrived this morning in the old email from the on-line pen of The Former DC Staffer. I used to chuckle when anyone would even mention Vinnie Colletta's name. That stopped when Don Perlin asked me years ago, "What are you laughing at?" when I chuckled once too often at Don talking about Vinnie. When I simply replied, "Vinnie," he berated me for being rude and proceeded to tell me all about Vinnie's positive qualities. That quite rightly made me feel very small and silly and I spent quite a while learning about the man - sure he was a hack at times, so what? Loads of others were as well, artists and writers, some who are now world renown and considered to be giants in their fields. It's just a shame that many people, like Mark Evanier (who I have a deep respect for by the way), can't get past the corners Colletta cut when he inked Jack Kirby, and I can understand that - there's that (in)famous Fantastic Four panel where you can see entire…

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