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More Original Art Stories: The Dark Knight Returns

We're off for the weekend, but before we left I wanted to leave people with something to ponder and perhaps talk about. The Former DC Staffer sent this down in response to Steven Bove mentioning Greg Brooks. I'll admit that I wasn't aware of what happened with Brooks, but thanks to Bob Rozakislittle piece here, now we all know. The question asked was what did did I know about Brooks' involvement with the seminal mini-series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The answer was 'not a thing, but I do know that Janson used background inkers'. Here's what came back.

"Here's what I remember of it. Klaus Janson was working Dark Knight and used Greg Brooks as a background inker*. Well Frank Miller gets wind of this and has a fit, something about the integrity of the project and letting an amateur put his hands on it. The end result was art for Dark Knight #1 and #4 went to Frank Miller and art for Dark Knight #2 and #3 went to Klaus Janson. Now here…

More Original Art Stories: Who's Who In Star Trek

Art stories are coming in thick and fast. This one was supplied by none other than Steven Bove. Steven has been doing great stuff with his Rock Opera material - well worth a look. In this essay Steven gives an insight into some of the art shenanigans that surrounded the Who's Who In Star Trek two issue series that DC issued in 1987. Bear in mind that if you're an artist who has a story like this to tell then feel free to fire it on down, with a scan or two, and I'll post it on up. You can remain totally anonymous if it suits you.

"I was always good with design and logos. I also knew exactly what a printer needed to execute a quality job. That skill developed before my actual drawing skills did and because of this I was able to adapt to DC Comics emerging design criteria. It was new territory for them as established by the late Neal Pozner. By the time I joined the DC staff in 1986 Pozner was no longer Art Director but he had left guidelines to follow and the new AD…

More Original Art Stories: Defiant's Good Guys

The Good Guys #1, by Defiant. What's the story behind this issue? Read this post by Charles Yoakum and you'll find out. Very interesting stuff, revolving around page #8, which, if you read it right, you'll discover no longer exists.

I'll freely admit that I never got into Defiant's comic book line, despite it boasting the talents of David Lapham, Alan Weiss, Alan Kupperberg, Mike Barr, Steve Ditko, Jim Fern, Steve Leialoha, Bob Wiacek, Chris Claremont and a host of others. Perhaps I should track a few down and actually visit that little universe. In the meantime read about art that wasn't what it appeared to be.

The Greatest DC Comics Cover Never Told

Amazingly enough when it comes to companies recreating art in-house, even the legends aren't immune. Any comic fan worth their salt knows the cover that's pictured here. It's one of the all time classics, although some artists didn't think much of it. I'm pretty sure that Jack Kirby at one stage expressed his disdain for a cover that he felt was too static and one that had the figures in the same poses, looking exactly the same (I'll happily stand corrected on that though). Still it summed up DC at the time. Even now Neal Adams retouches and recreates a lot of his own artwork for his collected volumes for DC. Personally some of it leaves me a tad cold, but then that's because I grew up with those old books and, as crappy as the overall presentation might have been physically (paper etc etc - not art or colouring) those are the books I know and adore. But then who am I to argue with Neal Adams?

The other part of the company sanction recreation that has always…

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