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'Streaky II In Repose'

I've been going through some art that I've purchased recently because I've just bought an A3 scanner - now I can scan those full pages. In amongst one lot was this lovely image on a piece of paper taken from one of Jim Mooney's sketchbooks. Titled 'Streaky II In Repose' it's a charming image indeed.

Gotta love a man who likes cats so much he draws them as warm-up exercises and then draws them so well.

Art: Recreation vs Copying; Part II

More comments and thoughts on the previous post about art recreations have been coming in thick and fast so I thought I'd do a follow-up. One of the first people to email asked why didn't I touch on Mike Zeck's recreations as an example of how they can be approached the right way. There's no real reason except that I thought the post was long enough, but hey - any excuse to look at Zeck art is a good excuse.

Mike started to do recreations back in 2000. As he's created some memorable cover images of his own it should have come as no great surprise to know that he was in great demand. From the outset Mike established a number of rules, which he outlines on his site. "I'm willing to do the same cover more than once as long as there are some differences from the previous re-creation," he states. "I still plan to close the door on a particular piece after about 3 redos to keep them collectible and to keep from drawing the same cover every week. A list …

Art: Recreation vs Copying

You're looking at one of the most iconic comic book covers of the last thirty years - Uncanny X-Men #137. Penciled by John Byrne and inked by Terry Austin, it's one of the most recognisable covers you can find and it's one of the most impressive covers that the famed Byrne/Austin team ever created, and that's saying a lot. Byrne and Austin worked on a number of titles over the last thirty plus years, but their true Golden Era was from the late 1970s through to the mid 1980s when Byrne left Marvel Comics for DC, and Austin inked him for an early Superman issue. A Byrne/Austin cover can set you back quite a few thousand dollars, and the right cover can cost the same amount as a brand new luxury car or even a small house. Don't believe me? Have a peek at eBay one day or just search some original art sites and you'll see what they can go for.

The art you can see to the right of this text is a scan of the original cover art, sans logos. I have no idea who owns this c…

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