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Alan Kupperberg Looks Back: WHAT IF?

What If? was a great concept for a comic book. DC had been flirting with such stories for decades, calling them 'imaginary stories' (but, as it was pointed out, aren't all comic books imaginary?) but there was no such animal at Marvel. That is until the mid 1970s when Roy Thomas decided to pitch his idea for a new series that would revolve around the premise of 'what if?'. The 'what if?' premise was simple - a story existed and was accepted as canon, but what if something else had happened in that story? The classic example that Roy used for his first issue was 'What If Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four?' This story line existed because Spider-Man had attempted to join the FF in his first ever issue, only to be turned down. It was a simple deviation, what if they'd accepted him as a new member? Then the Marvel Universe would never be the same. From there anything was possible. Any event in the Marvel Universe was open slather. W…

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