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"Finished Wit Mah Woman 'Coz She Couldn't Help Me Wit Mah Mind"

This one is for the other half and her brother (who is far too good to lower himself to reading my blog). For some odd reason they really, really like Black Sabbath. Me? I don't mind them but more often than not I think that all their songs sound the same, although 'Changes' (along withParanoid) is apparently a damn good song to commit suicide to, or so some US courts would leave us to believe along with certain parents of teenagers who are looking for someone to shift blame and guilt upon.

Still, if anyone's been to a Sabbath concert then tell me - what was it like? And I mean a proper Sabbath concert, not one with Dio, Glenn Hughes, or God forbid, Ian Gillian as the lead singer. I'm talking about Ozzy!

The Monster Factory: Warren & Gredown


Date: 1976

The Monster Factory (The Incredible People-Making Machines?) by Jose Bea (Eerie #72?)
Games Around Reality by Jose Bea
Through The Door Of The Silver Key by Jose Bea (Eerie #76)
The Final Hole by Jose Bea (Eerie #73)
Short Trip To Old Age by Jose Bea
The Solution In A Mirror by Jose Bea
A Walk Through The Subconscious by Jose Bea

Just when you think you've seen them all something comes along that makes you go, "Ummmm...that shouldn't be...". This is one of those books.

For a fair while now there's been a few of us collectors trying to track down as much output from the (now defunct) publishing company Gredown. In the process we've all networked and come up with various theories, but one thing remained consistent, the belief that Gredown published material from the likes of Charlton, Skywald, Atlas/Seaboard, Archie, ACG and a handful of other, now long gone, companies from the American Golden Age. The boundaries were fairly clear …

Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna just turned 50 - a milestone in anyone's eyes.

His name might not mean much for most, but for those in the know his name stands for a lot of things, above all else, professionalism. Mark has been in the comic book game for over twenty one years now since his first published credit in 1986 - longer than some of his readers have been alive. He broke into DC Comics after a recommendation from Sal Almendola back in the early 1980s. From there he went on to become one of the now legendary 'Romita's Raiders'. The brainchild of John Romita, the project of training young artists on the job would remain one of Romita's lasting legacies. By my account he's had his work in around 430 comic books, by his own account he thinks by the time he retires he'd have inked over 7,000 pages. But enough of that - anyone can give up a biography.

I first became aware of Mark McKenna back in the early 1990s when I was buying a lot more comic books than I am today. One of …

Life On Mars


I've been resisting writing about the brilliant TV series, Life On Mars, for a while now because I wanted to see the entire run. Two series, eight episodes per series, finite and with an ending. It's one of the best shows I've seen in years and if you get the chance then watch it - you won't be disappointed. I'm not going to go into any major detail about the show here, such as episode guides and the like, but I'll say this - if you yearn for shows like The Sweeny or vintage Minder, then you're gonna flip for this. Plus if you're a 20th Century Boy, like me, then you'll just adore the music and the cultural references contained within the shows (my all time favourite quote: "White dog shit! That takes me back."). What I do want to speak about is how I saw the ending, which has confused a lot of people, and what I think it meant.

You see, I believe th…

1975: The Accident

Invariably one of the first things that I get asked whenever anyone sees me without a shirt is just how the hell did my arm get so scarred. I tell people a variety of explanations, ranging from a monkey knife fight through to the truth, so once and for all here's what happened. It took me years to figure out what exactly happened back in early 1975, and even then I've never really discovered what did occur, other than I was involved in a serious car accident that nearly took my life. It was probably my second serious brush with death (the first being an allergic reaction to an insect bite at a very young age) but not my last. As such I've always felt that I've been living on slightly borrowed time, which goes a way to explaining some of the more insane things that I tend to do from time to time - I want to see what happens.

The accident itself wasn't planned, but the trip was. At the time my old man was working on a pie-line somewhere in New South Wales and, altho…

Munchy Munchy

Just came across this box of breakfast cereal as we were cleaning up (read: throwing stuff out before the kids come back). Oddly enough no-one here is game enough to open the box, let alone eat it, so if anyone has sampled this possibly wonderful tasty breakfast delight then let me know what it's like.

Somehow the title is putting me off more than slightly.

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