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Road Trip: Day Six

Brisbane city itself for day six. The day was a lovely one, sun was shining and the wind was blowing slightly, but more importantly there was none of the humidity in the air that usually lingers in these parts. We grabbed my mother and headed into Brisbane to drop off the rental car and also to shop. If only it were that easy.

When we picked the rental car up we asked for a street directory. They gave us a map and said that it'd be easy for us to get back to where we had to drop the car off to. All was good until we actually started to read the map heading into the city. The map was a map of the city, it had no directions at all about how to actually get into the place, so after a few missed turns, some cursing and the like we finally made it in and dropped the car off....only to discover that in all our panic we forgot to refuel the bastard. Great. Still the hire car monkey did say that the map was easy for him to understand. I'd like to put him in Adelaide with a sim…

Road Trip: Day Five

Brisbane! Well there ya go. We flew in yesterday and nearly gave my dear ole ma a heart attack. No announcement that we were coming, we just rocked up, knocked on the door and settled in - as you do.

We're here until Sunday, then back to the drudgery of life as we know it. I'll need some serious rest from this extended holiday.

Photos to follow.

Marshall Rogers 1950 - 2007

This is a sad day indeed.

Marshall Rogers' rendition of Batman is up there in my top five, if not my top two. I grew up here reading Marshall's Batman (reprints in glorious black and white) and his art was amongst the first to absolutely blow me away with the detail and the cleanness of line work. Marshall Rogers and inker Terry Austin were one of those all too few perfect art teams and as I once told Terry himself, I've always thought that the art of Rogers and Austin was head and shoulders above anything else - including Byrne and Austin. If Marshall and Terry had drawn the X-Men back in the day then John Byrne would be remembered as being an above average artist. It's easy to spot Rogers influence in artists these days and I'd hazard a guess and say that he was just as influential on the generation of arists that followed him as Neal Adams was on the generation before.

Marshall was one of the few artists who's name along could sell a book to me. It didn't …

The Trip: Day Three & Four

I had no time at all to write this entry last night as I was just too shagged out. I did write an entry this morning but it appears to have vanished somewhere into the on-line breeze.


It ended up being a good show. We sold a few things, not as much as expected, but that was due to the show being about 3/4 as large as it usually is. Odd really, especially when you consider that there hasn't been one of this magnitude at the venue since August last year and there won't be another for a few months to come, but happens I guess. So what were the highlights? Catching up with a few pals and meeting new ones. That's always a highlight for me. In fact one of the reasons I go to the shows is so that I can socialise with chums in Melbourne who never visit Adelaide. All good. I picked up three pages of New Mutants original art by Jackson Guice - that was unexpected as original art hardly never turns up at these shows. We found the complete MASH DVD box set - a…

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