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More Newtons: What I Need

It's been a while since I visited the world of Newton Comics and in that time a lot has happened. I'm almost at the end of my search, not too many books to track down. The ones that I do have to find are proving to be very elusive indeed, but all in good time.

In the meantime I've finally put together what I consider to be a virtually complete checklist of what Newton released. This hasn't been easy and without the help of people such as Peter Ivan, Robert Thomas and Kevin Patrick then things would all the more muddier. What frustrates me is that there are a few people in the circles that collect these kind of comics who now want to charge me arms and legs - in one case someone has been dangling a certain Newton in my face for a few months now but keeps telling me that they won't sell, trade or anything else to me because they like the cover. Damn frustrating. I've been paying over the odds to get a decent collection up and I'll keep doing so (mind you payin…

Stolen Art, Donations & More Whinge

This came across my desk this morning and I thought I'd share as it helps re-enforce why I'll never donate another item to a museum or a University.


Sometimes there are as many problems as perks in this business.

The original art situation is a prime example and riddled with stories about work that has been lost, destroyed or stolen—sometimes all three, at once. In a perfect world, the artists—or their agents—would deal directly with collectors, but that scenario was made impossible decades ago by publishers who insisted on keeping the publication rights and the work itself. Although things may be more equitable today than yesterday, the past is heaped with corruption, greed, and betrayal. And sometimes, it continues to taint the present.

One such situation has recently come to my attention: the sale of my original FOOM Poster art.

About a year ago, the piece was in the possession of an individual who requested, through my manager J. David Sp…

IT Magazine: A Short History Of A Troubled Magazine

One of the questions I've been asked on a seemingly regular basis over the years is whatever happened to IT Magazine. I keep answering; "I wish I knew." It's a valid question and my answer isn't that far from the mark because, at the end of the day, I don't really know why the editor did what he did, but at least I now know what he did. Allow me to share.

I first saw IT at one of Peter Green's now legendary Prahran record fairs back in 1992. Peter used to run the fairs as competition for the long running Camberwell Fair and I'd drive over to Melbourne and make a weekend of it. The funny thing was, no matter how much I spent, no matter how much stock I took, I always came home with the same amount of money in my pocket - $1,000 give or take a few bucks. I'd try everything - I'd spend up big, but still the grand was there. I'd take one table of stock, I'd take four tables. It was the same amount. Peter was a damn good fair organiser and w…

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