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Lily Munster vs Morticia Addams

Back in 2001 I had a conversation with John Astin and somehow we got to talking about The Munsters as opposed to The Addams Family. He asked which did I prefer - Lily Munster or Morticia Addams. I said it'd have to be Morticia hands down. He then asked me why so I told him that Lily Munster was who I wanted to tuck me into bed at night, but Morticia was who I wanted to creep into bed with.

He roared with laughter and said that he often thought the same thing.

Both Carolyn Jones and Yvonne de Carlo are gone now...both women gave me, and I'm sure entire generations of males, an appreciation for goth girls, so what can you say? I'm sure they're up there comparing notes right now.

DC Comics Blacklist

I posted these comments onto a thread devoted over on the Newsarama site to my interview with Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle.

I knew there'd be a certain amount of controversy surrounding this interview, but I wasn't aware of how much there'd be. The editors who did them wrong, well if you read between the lines you'll soon work out who they are. As for Norm and Alan not working at DC - well that's amazed me for years now and I have no idea why. I expect that some people would be upset reading Alan and Norm's comments but here's something to consider - both men have told the truth as they see it and recounted events as they happened from their side. I'd be more than happy to give the same amount of time and space to any editor who'd like to put forward their side of events, but I know that won't happen. In effect Norm and Alan are being black-listed for telling the truth.

What does that say about the comic book indust…

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