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Looking Back With Mike Royer

There are artists and then there are artists . There are those who hack away for year after year and manage to have a career built upon longevity and sheer output. More often than not those are the people who are eventually celebrated in the public eye, for right or for wrong. That their careers span decades does not always mean that they're any good, quantity does not always equal quality. Still, it's those people who often sit there and tell you how good they were, and still are, while others with less output are more deserving of the accolades. Mike Royer is one of those who is deserving of accolades, and in spades. His is a career that has been marked with several highs. No matter what else anyone cares to say about Royer you'd find it difficult to uncover a fan who has anything bad to say about his inking. A few words stand out when anyone describes Mike Royer - quality, professionalism and standards. Along with Joe Sinnott , Mike Royer is probably the best inker to e

The Return Of The Netzer

Fresh from parting several oceans, Michael Netzer has returned to the land of the living once more. If he hangs around long enough this time he might actually show Bono what it means to be God. In all seriousness, it's great to have Mike back on the scene. People either love him or hate him, it's hard to find anyone with a middle ground, but then that's not such a bad thing. He's opinionated, in my eyes that's better than being an indecisive sop. He's fiercely loyal to his chums, in my eyes that's the best kind of pal to have. Plus he's still a damn good artist in anyone's eyes. I await Michael's new writings with keen eyes indeed. Hopefully this time he'll stick around for a lot longer than usual.

The Day After

No, the title isn't a reference to any movies starring John Lithgow or Dennis Quaid, it's the here and now. Last night...well what a party! It was a small one, just my closest chums and a pile of people I've never met before, and, in some cases, still haven't met (chums of the other half - they helped drink the bar dry) but the words 'open bar' are usually enough to get people in. I was a bit disappointed that a few people didn't turn up, but I guess that says more about them than it does me. One day they'll tell me what I've done that's so wrong. Photos were taken and as I copy them across I'll post them, but for now as I'm in a hotel room in the city (not that horrid place that we used to stay in, this place is more than decent, excellent views, great room and brilliant service) I'm a bit limited as to what I can do with this. Having said that, let's have a peek! This is how we looked upon arrival. It was an '80s themed part

Tightlip Entertainment: A Judgement

More fun and games from Rick Olney and Tightlip. Straight after Tony Isabella issued his latest warning he recived a message from Olney which he made public and which read, in part, "You will be served with a legal injunction papers when you get to Syracuse in October, Mr. Isabella. I'm finally feeling up to fixing your little red wagon for you." What a charmer eh? As usual it's yet another empty threat. If Rick feels up to it he can sue me as well. In the meantime the image you're seeing is worth a million words. It's a scan of the first page of the judgement that Jimmy T won against Olney. So much Olney playing the hard done by guy. Have a quick read and you decide. This is what happens when Olney gets into court - he loses. Big time. As always go and look at the Unscrewed site and again, fair warning.

Reflections At 40

Ye Gods!!! I've just woken up to discover that I'm now 40!!!! I'm sure in high school no-one ever thought I'd make it to this milestone. When I hit first year, back in 1980, your status on your birthday was judged by what famous person you shared yours with. Mine was easy. It wasn't Ivan the Terrible, Leonard Bernstein, Sean Connery or Frederick Forsyth. Back then it wasn't even Elvis Costello and no-one had heard of Tim Burton. Nope, you see I had the coolest birthday of them all - today, same day as Gene Simmons. It didn't get any better. Well, actually it did. Kiss fell out of favour in about 1982, after that having the same birthday as Elvis Costello kind of got me through. After that no-one really cared enough to bother. Such is life, my childhood wasn't always the happiest around, still I had as much fun as I could make, I learnt a lot and I read more books than most people would read in a lifetime. I also made myself promises. Turning 40 is suppos

Tightlip Entertainment Once Again, A Warning...

A while back my excellent pal Jimmy T shared his warnings about Rick Olney and Tightlip Entertainment. I know that it got a bit of on-line ink, and hopefully more than a few people got the heads up on this guy. Yesterday Tony Isabella posted the following warnings about Rick over on his MySpace page . As Tony wants to get the word out to as many people as he can I've decided to run it, in full. It now appears that Olney is now branching out to countries other than the USA so this warning is timely indeed. I'm not going to include any links in this post to anyone other than the Unscrewed website , and if anyone has an issue with that (read Rick Olney) then feel free to contact me directly and we'll discuss. Mind you if anyone wants to take a shot at Tony, then be warned, you'll be dealing with me as well. I'm sure there's some who think that's no great threat, rest assured there's others who know better. Read on and be warned! -----------------------

Damn, I'm Handsome, I'm Klerqy!

Well knacker me sideways. It seems that more and more women are asking for Klerqy's little black paw in marriage on MySpace , including one girl who looks suspiciously like Sarah Michelle Gellar, although, if it is her, she's using an alias. Just to keep those girls keen I've put some more photos of the now Legendary Klerqy up here for all of those fine women to see. Bear in mind he's a picky cat, give him fish and he'll give you some fast claw action. He also likes licking his back and has been trying very hard to lick the back of his own head. One day he'll make it. This is how both Klerqy and Merlin spend their days - curled up, paw in paw, asleep on the bed. This is the view you girls will get when you wake up and see Klerqy. You can see the look of utter amusement on Merlin's face, probably because straight after Klerqy wakes up he generally smacks Merlin in the head, resulting in a fight which, more times than not, Merlin wins easily. This is as nobl

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