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Ruins And Other Passtimes

It may come as a shock to some people but my life isn't consumed by comic books and the history that surrounds them. Quite the opposite actually. I've many other hobbies to pass the time, it's just finding the time to do them. Hunting ghosts and taking photos are two hobbies that I often try to combine at the same time.

Now that the other half has finally decided to do something with her time and talents (I'm not at liberty to give away what she's doing, but she did mumble something about a shovel and graves), it's given me the chance to engage in some photography. But not just any photography - I like taking happy snaps of the more unusual and unique subjects - headstones and old ruins. Especially old ruins. I'm fascinated by old ruins and always have been. I love looking at them, walking inside them and having a poke about. I always curse when I pass an old ruin and I've not got a camera handy, so when the missus decided to take off for the afternoon a…

Blue Devil: Alan Kupperberg Looks Back

History remembers the comic book, and the character, The Blue Devil, in two very different, and distinct ways. Created by writers Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin, aided by artist Paris Cullins, Blue Devil came across as DC’s answer to Daredevil (ironically Marvel’s answer to DC’s Batman). The character’s origins were as flimsy as they came: stuntman and special effects artist Daniel Patrick Cassidy found himself hired to create and play the title character in the movie titled ‘Blue Devil’. As part of the job Cassidy created a full-body costume with a hidden powered exoskeleton and built-in special-effects devices, much like Marvel’s Iron Man. However things don’t often go to plan and two of Cassidy’s co-stars accidentally freed a demon named Nebiros. During the resulting battle, Nebiros managed to hit Cassidy with his demonic energy resulting in the costume being permanently grafted to his body. Instead of fleeing to a psychiatrist, Cassidy decided to pledge his life to fighting crime and t…

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