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Describe The Best Concert You've Ever Seen? Bloody Hell!

Trying to describe the best concert I've ever seen is virtually impossible. I've seen some great acts over the years, both huge and small. I have fond memories of seeing Strange Tenants doing a blistering ska set just across the road from where I live at the Norwood Town Hall back in 1988. I fondly remember The Bodgies cleaning up everything before them at the Semaphore on New Years Eve 1989, same as I remember The Cure at the Entertainment Centre in 2001, or was it 2000? The days are a blur now. Garbage were brilliant, both times, as were Kiss and U2, as was pretty much all of the local acts I've seen - Mark of Cain tore paint from the walls, The Hard Ons with Jerry A blew me away, as did the Disposable Heroes Of HipHopcrisy, as did Iggy Pop. Nick Cave has always made me cry live and made me violent at the same time - go figure. But I've narrowed down the best concert to two acts, two very different gigs, but both had one thing in common - loss and pain.

U2, Zoo…

Fantastic Four: Co-incidence Or Not

About two years ago I ran an article on my site (this was pre-blog days) about the possible involvement of Jack Kirby in the creation of the Amazing Spider-Man. Written by Stan Taylor, the article was, and still is, well written, well researched and raises a lot of questions about if Kirby did indeed have a hand in Spidey's genesis. That article recently prompted an email from Paul Saether, who lives in the UK. His article focuses on the comparisons of the Fantastic Four and the film Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, and like Taylor's article, it makes some compelling arguments. Have a read, and by all means, fire down some comments and let me, and Paul, know what you're thinking with this one.
by Paul Saether (copyright 2006 Paul Saether)

Consider the following:
• A team of four people,
• Three men and one woman
• Make a pioneering journey into the unknown.
• They are attempt…

All Hands On Deck

Not sure about how you chose to work during the day, but I thought that at least two people might be interested in seeing my work station, or at least, my work station during the warmer months. As it is I'm writing this blog from where I'm sitting, which is outdoors, in the sunlight on a warm day. Mind you writing this blog also means I'm avoiding work, but as that work is transcribing, well I can afford to avoid that for the time being - I know I'll catch it up.

You can see the tools I'm working with - lap-top, wireless broadband card, cordless phone, drink, tapes and my most valued co-worker, Merlin FeLine. I intend to use that name on projects where I have to remain nameless for whatever reason.

The Merle is a great chum to have around when I'm working. He knows when I've worked enough and will run up and down the stairs and wail for food. I've often thought of having a TV show called "My Name Is Merle - I'm Just Trying To Be A Better Cat"…

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