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Ross Andru Pencils

Finding Ross Andru pages in penciled form are virtually impossible. I'll freely admit that in all my time tracking down examples of Andru pages there's been very little that I've come across in pure pencil form. I know of one dealer who claims to have an unfinished book in pencil form, but as he wants to sell me the book for a four figure sum and won't allow me to even see a single scan beforehand, well I'll take his word on things. I don't mind dropping some cash on something sight unseen, but I'm a bit reluctant to part with hard earnt for. I've also got high resolution scans of two choice pages from Andru's Amazing Spider-Man run, along with an assortment of head sketches and other scans, as well as a character design (pencils) for an Andru creation and what might well be the only Andru Spider-Man full bodied pencil sketch, which came to me via a dealer from a major Spider-Man artist who found it in his files. That one cost me, but hey, you want,…

Maurice Bramley, Part III

It's been a fairly productive few weeks. Thanks to super Newton collector Peter Ivan I'm now only about 40 or so known Newtons off having the entire line. Just what I'm going to do with the entire line when I finally obtain it is beyond me. I'll probably catalogue it and either give it away or sell it as a lot. I guess we'll wait and see.

Thanks to Peter I now have an almost entire run of Planet Of The Apes, entire runs of Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, X-Men and Fantastic Four plus the second issues of both Daredevil and Thor amongst others. I'll post the relevant scans as soon as I, well, scan the suckers and index their information. Peter has also provided some vital information that I'll incorporate (with his permission) and update as I go. Slowly that picture is becoming complete.

On to the Bramleys. I also managed to pick up a host of Bramleys - another Phantom Commando (I want the run of that now) and a host of westerns. Most of the westerns aren&#…

Ross Andru, Mike Esposito & I.W./Super Comics


The I.W./Super Comics era mark a little known part in the careers of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. I.W. Publishing, also known by its alternate name of Super Comics, was founded in 1958 by Israel Waldman. Waldman’s publishing policy was a simple yet effective one; he’d seek out defunct comic book companies, buy up the physical assets (in the case of I.W./Super Comics this meant the original art and printing plates) and then merely reprint the comics with new, glossy covers. In this way Waldman able to reprint material that had appeared at companies such as Avon, Toby, Stanley Morse (including Andru and Esposito material), Quality, Novak, Star, Harry A Chessler, Spark, Ajax, Fox, St John, Steinway, Universal Phoenix Features, Nesbit, Cambridge House, Standard, Superior, Stanhall, Ace, Comic Media, Prize, Realistic, Merit, Marvel, EC, Red Top and Fiction House. In at least one case Waldman was able to initiate a deal between himself and the…

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