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Silver Age Gems

You'll have to click on the image to get the whole story, but there's been more than one time that I'm convinced that the artists, or at least the writers, knew exactly what they were doing with these kinds of covers.

This one is a true classic!!! And yep, it's real. No wonder he's grinning.

Maurice Bramley, Part II

You may remember a while ago I posted, with scans, a short entry on Australian artist, Maurice Bramley. Since that post I've come across some more books that feature his art, mainly cover art, and I thought I'd keep sharing.

Kevin Patrick and myself had an email exchange about Bramley and in the process more information has come to light. Thus we can now add this into the mix. According to Kevin;

"Local comic artist/collector, Daniel McKeown, wrote an insightful article about Bramley's work for Horwitz, and made a compelling argument that Bramley was a prolific 'swiper' of plots/page & panel layouts from the Timely/Atlas stories that appeared in Horwitz's line of war comics.

"Bramley, to my knowledge, was born in 1910 and was a prolific illustrator/commercial artist throughout the 1930s & 40s, working on weekly magazines, newspapers, pulp novelettes, etc.
He even did some propaganda posters for Australia's war effort during the 1940s - and his…

Describe The Worst Concert You've Ever Seen? Brilliant!

The worst concert I ever went to? Easy answer: Bob Dylan.

It must have been in 2001. Lantana had just come out and my pal Kerry dragged me to that as well, good flick. I liked Kerry, she was a lot of fun to hang around and a hoot with a dry, evil sense of humour, but she left to live in Brisneyland and I’ve not seen her since early 2002. There was a lot of unrequited and unconsummated sexual tension and a physical attraction going on between us, but it was more fun like that. I doubt the physical act, at the time, could have lived up to the taunting, teasing and half-arsed promises, so it never happened, nor was it ever entertained. The general feeling was why ruin a perfectly good friendship with five minutes of roly poly? Mind you that has nothing to do with this narrative so I’ll stop the digression.

Bob Dylan had announced he was coming to town, more to the point the promoter announced that he was bringing Dylan to town and Kerry phoned up and asked if I wanted to go. I demurred bec…

Atlas/Seaboard, Gredown & A Bit Of Charlton

Two more gems for you to feast your eyes upon.

Today's entries look at two Australian reprint books from the '70s/'80s, this time they're crammed pack full of Atlas/Seaboard goodness. I won't even begin to go into that companies history, suffice to say you can read all about it at this damn fine site. I have spoken to a few artists who worked at Atlas/Seaboard (Alan Kupperberg is but one) and the things that we know for sure are that the company lasted less than a year from start to finish, again leaving a finite amount of product out there to collect (61 comics in total), that it was formed by Martin Goodman, former owner of Marvel Comics and that the company utilised an incredible array of talent in the form of Neal Adams, Steve Ditko, Larry Lieber, Bernie Wrightson, Howard Chaykin and many more. Kevin Patrick and myself are speculating that the reason these books were licensed to the Australian market was due to a connection between Goodman, Sol Brodsky and Israe…

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