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More Newtons: The Avengers

The Avengers were one of the first titles in the Newton range, along with The Amazing Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Conan, the Hulk, Dracula and Planet Of The Apes. At the same time titles such as Iron Man and Thor were announced, but didn't appear until well down the track.

The Avengers ran for fifteen issues and spawned one Annual that I know of. Luckily it's one title that I have all the issues (and annual) for this index will be as complete as possible.

Published June 1975


The Coming Of The Avengers by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers (The Avengers #1)
The Origin Of Dr. Strange by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko (Strange Tales #115)
Dr. Strange: Master of Black Magic by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko (Strange Tales #110)

Technically this should be considered as part of the second wave of Newton Comics, but as it was advertised and planned to be launched with the debut titles, it can be looked upon as being part of the first wave. Unusually the back-up stori…

More Newtons: Iron Man

This post won't offer up any real new information, but it does consolidate the two issues of Iron Man into their own section.

IRON MAN #1. Published January 1976.
My Friend, My Foe, My Freak by Archie Goodwin & Johnny Craig (Iron Man #1)
From The Void Of Space Comes The Super Skrull by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan & Vince Colletta (Captain Marvel #2)
The poster was of The Incredible Hulk.

The Thomas/Colan Skrull story also appeared in the previously mentioned Newton Four-In-One. A good example of the recycling process. Iron Man was another short lived title. I can only locate details for two issues - I'd love to discover more but sadly they just don't appear on anyone's radar.

IRON MAN #2. Published March 1976.

Unconquered Is The Unicorn by Archie Goodwin & Johnny Craig (Iron Man #4)
From The Void Of Space Comes The Super Skrull by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan & Vince Colletta (Captain Marvel #2)

I'd all but given up on ever seeing this issue and I had…

More Newtons: 'Gentle' John Corneille Speaks

When Newton started to publish the Marvel Comics in the 1975 they decided that they needed a public face. In the same way that Marvel had 'Smilin' Stan Lee, who would promote the line via the media and also through the comics themselves, Newton needed someone who was accessible, young and hopefully in touch with comics. To that end they advertised for a comic book enthusiast to come on board and edit the Newton Comic line. The person they chose was a nineteen year old engineering student named John Corneille. John was a long time comic book collector and even help found the Australian Comic Collector fanzine (if anyone has copies then talk to me now!) as well as running conventions along the way. John was also branded with a name that still makes him squirm when he hears it - 'Gentle' John. Gentle John's Mailbag showcased letters from Australian readers, some of whom were discovering the Silver-Age Marvels for the first time, along with some who weren't fooled.…

More Newtons: Questions & Answers

First up, a couple of comments/questions from Steven Bove. Steven writes; "As staffs continue to change at the major comic companies here in the USA a little more history fades. The film negatives and stats continue to be mishandled and in some cases they just vanish. At the company I worked for (in the 80s) there was this incredible comic cover from the 70s that was going to be used in a deluxe edition book. I went through great pains to locate this cover as it was filed under the wrong title. An editor and I made stats from the negative and gave to the appropriate people for safekeeping. 20 years later I saw a reprint of this comic in a shop and the cover was completely redrawn! They had lost even the safety copies!

"Another question is what is the market for comics like now in Australia? I guess Marvel and DC comics are available to you? Was there a Newton equivalent to DC? Love those Surfer books!"

The comic book scene here in Australia is fairly healthy. We're se…

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