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More Newtons: Art Discussion

One of the mysteries surrounding the Newton Comic range involves the cover art used on a lot of the books. For the most part the covers were merely recoloured to make them more vibrant (mainly primary colours, with deep blue being a favourite) but every so often an all new cover would be made up to promote a book that hadn't been issued in the USA. Case in point: Giant Man/Dr Strange.

There'd been no Giant Man comic book in the USA from Marvel, so when Newton realised that it was sitting on a pile of stories involving Giant Man the idea was hatched to issue a book featuring the character. Thus the book was born. (For further details on this book click this link.) As with the Origins book, a totally new, and unique cover was made. However instead of getting local artists into make a cover, Newton decided to lift images from the stories inside and make a montage cover. That's all well and good, but once people started to see this cover comments came thick and fast. I thought …

More Newtons: The Silver Surfer

Today we look at The Silver Surfer, one of Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's most enduring creations. Before we do there's yet another question to answer. Nick Caputo asks, "I'm interested in the quality of the printed books, as you've mentioned they look very good and were printed from stats. Since they are in English, Marvel would be able to use these for reprints. Do you know if anyone at Marvel who has been producing the recent reprint collections knows of these comics? It may be the best quality for them to reprint early Marvel material." The answer is, simply, yes. I had dialogue with Marvel editor Tom Brevoort about the Marvel Essentials line earlier this year. We talked about the quality of the Essentials books and his response to me was that a lot of the raw material doesn't exist for use anymore, hence some stories in the Essentials books are near unreadable. I mentioned the existence of the Newtons, and that the paper quality of a lot of the books we…

More Newtons: The Fantastic Four

The longest running titles in the Newton fold were The Amazing Spider-Man (17 issues), The Avengers (15 issues), Conan The Barbarian (12 issues), Dracula (14 issues), The Incredible Hulk (15 issues) and The Planet Of The Apes (17 issues and a handful of specials). The Fantastic Four was yet another title that lasted for more than a year, running for 15 issues and an annual, and also appeared in a number of one-shot specials.

The Fantastic Four #1. Published June 1975.


The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four #1)

The Fantastic Four Meet The Skrulls by Lee & Kirby (Fantastic Four #2)

The first story in this issue only covered the origin of the Fantastic Four - the Mole Man section (which was the continuation of the issues for the USA version) was omitted. As with all the FF issues, the stories in this issue were shot directly from the original stats. Printed on better quality paper than other Australian issues, the reproduction was clear and as a good as…

More Newtons: X-Men Part I

Ok, this is the one people have been waiting for. The X-Men. I don't have them all (yet) but what I have I'm happy to share.

THE X-MEN with THE AVENGERS #1. Published October 1975.
The X-Men by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Paul Reinman (X-Men #1)
This Hostage Earth by Stan Lee, Don Heck & Dick Ayers (The Avengers #12)

First up, apologies for the bad scan. This is the only copy I have, but I have just purchased another copy of this issue, along with some more X-Men books and hopefully it'll be of better quality.

The idea of grouping together the X-Men and The Avengers was certainly an odd one. The idea behind this was probably to launch the X-Men (bear in mind this was 1975), a series that had ran in reprint mode in the USA and was in the process of being re-launched when Newton was formed. Hence it'd make sense to place a dubious title with a proven seller (The Avengers was a good earner for Newton) and fill in the gaps with stories that wouldn't be printed i…

More Newtons: Part II

Questions about the Newton line are now coming thick and fast. Here's two that arrived via email.

James Kealy asks; "Please excuse my ignorance...But did your Newton Company ever re-print any Superman comics in the 40s and 50s?" Simple answer is no, they didn't. Newton only ever published Marvel comics, which leads us to the next questions, from Mitch Jomsky; "Thanks for showing us those covers on your blog site. Obviously, this company reprinted much (all?) of the early Marvel Comics. The ones I'd be most interested in seeing are the Marvel/Newton Comics that were reprinted with new covers by any of the 'local' talent. If there were any of these, I'd especially like to see the ones that may have been 'homage' covers based on the original Marvel covers. Am I making sense?? I hope so." Mitch always makes sense, unlike myself at times, so here's the answers as best as I can do.

Yes, Newton did publish a lot of Silver Age Marvel mater…

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