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More Newtons: Origins Of Great Marvel Comics Heroes


Published mid-to-late 1975.

Contents: The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (Fantastic Four #1)
The Coming Of The Hulk by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (The Hulk #1)
The Coming Of The Avengers by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers (The Avengers #1)
The Origin Of Daredevil by Stan Lee & Bill Everett (Daredevil #1)
The Origin Of Captain America by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Syd Shores (Captain America #109)
Iron Man Is Born by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber & Don Heck (Tales Of Suspense #39)
The Mighty Avengers: Thor The Mighty by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
The Mighty Avengers: Giant Man by Stan Lee & Don Heck
The Mighty Avengers: Captain America by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
The Teen-Brigade by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
The Origin Of Dr. Strange by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko (Strange Tales #115)

The 'Mighty Avengers' stories were one to two page origin stories that were lifted from the pages of various Avengers comics. The rest of …

ANDRU & ESPOSITO: The Limited Edition

A shameless plug.

The limited edition hardcover for the Andru & Esposito book, Partners For Life, is now available for pre-sale. What differentiates the limited edition from the normal softcover will be the inclusion of an all new piece of Andru & Esposito artwork, in this case a Spider-Man sketch that Ross did back in the 1970s that Mike inked late last year - nearly thirty years after the original was done. Mike has signed a limited number of prints and they've been tipped into the limited edition, so it'll be well worth buying.

The book can be ordered via the Amazon link or via the Hermes Press web-site. Remember folks, I don't get anything from this book - all the proceeds will be going directly to Mike Esposito himself. No-one else will be making a cent from the book (other than recouping publishing costs I expect). Go and buy it - I've read it and I didn't mind it, hopefully the reviews won't be too scathing.

But then with a who's who of comic…

The Day Off

That isn't.

Each Monday I have a day off from work, or so I'm told. What I do, however, is quite the opposite. I work like a bugger really and today is no exception, still I'll be asked if I had a relaxing day when I get back to the day job tomorrow.

Well, nope, I haven't. Sure there's not been any stress in getting to where I need to be to work (upstairs) but the work plan that I had in place for the day has gone right out the door. First up I'd set myself the task of transcribing some interviews - I've done about half a page of that. I've not been able to do anymore than that because the phone has rang (in one case it was Don Perlin - I phoned him though - so I can't complain, plus it's always good to hear from Don), I've had email after email to answer and generally I've been interrupted all the way along. To that end I've settled back and set myself a new task - scanning all my Newton Comics into the computer for a future web-site …

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