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Growling In The Rain

I hate it when it happens. You're just putting the finishing touches on your work when BANG! out goes the power the whole day's work is lost. Annoyance plus frustration. I'm not the kind who can easily reconstruct my lost work, so I'll just go ahead and do something entirely different, but I will include some stuff I remember writing about.

Michael Netzer has created yet another web-site. Interestingly enough he draws attention to the fact that he's not that in demand in the comic book world these days, thus he has more than enough time to work on these kind of sites. Now that amazes me, that an artist of Mike abilities, who's grown with each year that passes and is better than he ever was feels the need to create web-sites in order to remain active. Incredible. Especially when you look at some of the chicken scratching that pass for pencils these days. If anyone's out there reading this, then hire Mike Netzer. It'll be worth your while.

The fine folk ov…

Fallen Idols

Classic!! Today's image comes courtesy of Mike Wieringo's blog. Mike is one of the more interesting artists running around the place today, plus he has a love/admiration for Ross Andru, so that makes him damn cool in my book.

For those who haven't had the dubious pleasure of visiting John Byrne's forums let me say right here, right now that Mike's drawing sums up how a lot of people feel about them. While Byrne is a talented artist and a damn good writer, his habits on the internet are well know and becoming quite infamous. I have my own stories about John Byrne, but rather than share them here and give the man more fuel, let me just say that I'm certainly not welcome at his forum and I can attest to pretty much everything that Mike has written on that image. During my short time participating in the forum I found my posts deleted, I was given a derogatory label by Byrne himself and finally just locked out. Why?

One reason I was given was because my email address…

Specks And Spicks

The oh so brilliant Paul Ryan has some new pages up for sale. At his site you'll find a just discovered cache of Superman pages, along with some other DC artwork and, as always, he has a great collection of Phantom newspaper strips up for grabs. Paul is one of the nicest guys there is in the comic book industry and I'd recommend him even if I didn't know him. He's always available for commissions and trust me, it's well worth the wait.

The first image you see on this blog is his latest Phantom cover art. I defy anyone to tell me that he's losing his touch. Paul is like a fine wine - he gets better with age, which means by the time he's 100 he'll be Monet. Did I mention he's a nice guy? You have to say that, after all he dragged himself out of his sick bed in order to fulfill a promise for an interview a while back and wouldn't allow me to reschedule. Even with a head cold and bed-ridden he gave me one of the best interviews I've done. Plus he…

Spicks And Specks

Well we've finally opened up our on-line store. It's only taken three years to do it, but at last technology has caught up with me and it's allowing me to have a store-front without the huge start-up costs involved. Hopefully it'll make a bit of cash, and pretty much all that I do make will be going towards getting us to America.

Just to clear up some confusion. I'm not giving up writing books. Far from it. I fully intend to write as many as I humanly can. I have one on the go right now - still waiting to see when it can be announced - and I have a couple of ideas on the boil, one which has come directly from a publisher and another that I'm throwing around amongst friends. Either way there's a lot of writing left in me and I'll be working both the day job and also on the extra projects as time allows. To facillitate that I've cut my day job down to four days a week, allowing me every Monday free to work solely on my writing. So far it's worked -…

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