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So, no San Diego for us this year. I was asked in an email as to what happened, why wouldn't we be coming to San Diego? Here's my response. It's a little different to the rant I sent back though, but you'll get the gist.

First off we had the financing all set up only to see it all fall through because some idiot felt that I'd not been in my current day job long enough to warrant financial approval. Work wise I could get the time off, but without the funds then why bother? That was done after we'd been told it had all been approved and was set in place - hence we told people were coming, made plans etc etc and now that's gone for a burton. We're trying our hardest to get it all in place, but at this stage the stark truth is that it's going to fall through because we simply just can't afford it. No-one is more angry about it than I am - my first book and I won't see the launch. There's no funding for projects like these. Trust me, we've…

Second Hand Vehicle

Wanna buy a car? Believe it or not but you can actually own the Batmobile as featured in the movie Batman Forever. Why on earth you'd want the lump of crap is beyond me - you can't drive it anywhere and you'd not really be able to do anything with it other than place it in a traveling show and see if you can't make some cash that way.

Yet someone will fork out good money for it. Some people have more dollars than sense. If you're seriously thinking of bidding for this classic pile of rust, then reconsider and contact me. I'm still trying to raise some funds to get to the USA. My theory is if you have enough money to burn to buy the Batmobile then I can use some of that scratch.

The Dark Stuff*

I've been reading a few books in my spare time lately - amazing how much you can get read on the bus. To the left is one that I finished a few weeks ago, Young Blood by Bob O'Brien.

For those who might not be aware, Young Blood details the now infamous 'Family' killings of various young men in and around Adelaide during a time period that ran from the mid 1970s through to the early 1980s. Despite there being more than one person involved, only one man ever stood trial and was found guilty of one murder, that of Richard Kelvin (son of newsreader Rob Kelvin). That man, pictured on the books cover, is Bevan Spencer Von Einem. Nasty piece of work indeed with some disgusting personal habits, which include kidnapping, rape and murder. He deserves to be behind bars and hopefully he'll remain there for the rest of his life. But that's not who I'm writing about.

The book itself left me a tad cold. You see once upon a time, back in the early and mid 1980s I knew people…

Two Tims

Sadly Tim Hildebrandt has passed away. I was always a fan of the Hildebrandt brothers and their fantasy artwork and it's a sad day indeed for lovers of fine art. Greg and Tim brought a totally unique style to their work, their painting was superb and they had a synchronicity that only twins seem to share. Tim will indeed be missed by all.

On another note, Tim Cahill!!! What can you say? Despite the referee attempting to win last nights game for Japan by allowing a foul to be registered as a goal - thankfully said ref has come out, apologised and admitted he was wrong - the mighty Cahill got through the Japanese defence not once, but twice! Add to that a brilliant goal by Adelaide boy John Aloisi and you can see why all of Australia is both happy and tired today. Many predicted that we'd bow out of the World Cup in straight sets, without scoring, I've always said that we were a damn good chance to progress to the second round. All we have to do now is win against either Croa…

Buy A Colour TV Already!

I love this stuff. Most people don't know but I collect old theatre programmes from various South Australian theatre productions. In this way I've collected a pile of Shakespeare programmes, all of the Katharine Hepburns, the Vivien Leighs, etc etc. One of the appeals (for me anyway) are the various ads you find in the programmes and on the rear.

Advertisements offer us a window to the past, to times when life was a lot simpler, easier and offered more freedom. This ad is a classic example: The Canberra TV Colour Club.

The concept was simple - you'd open a savings account with the (now long gone) CBC Savings Bank, they'd send you a book and each week you'd deposit cash into the account with the aim being a colour TV. Kind of like the Christmas Clubs that people still use. This ad dates from 1972, colour TV wasn't introduced here in Australia until 1975, so you had a good three years to save the biscuits for the idiot box, where you'd be able to watch shows l…

Tricky Situation

This long weekend sees some of the premier events for collectors held in South Australia. Down at the Wayville Showgrounds you have the following: some clown selling dodgy bedding and other knock-off gear, the Mega Toy Swap Meet - always worth a look - and the even that we participate in, the Giant CD, DVD, Record and Comic Sale. All sounds good? Well there's one small problem this year - there's no comics.

We initially weren't going to go because of our Melbourne trip last week, but decided at the last minute that we would go, if only to dump some old stock and mainly to get rid of a pile of promotional CDs and some music magazines that have been accruing here since last year. So we phoned and said we'd take one table, for the Saturday only. Incredible as it sounds at such late notice we got booked in (we rang on the Thursday I think) and off we went. The television ads clearly say, "Giant CD, DVD, Record and Comic Sale!" Very loudly and very proudly. They e…

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