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Here Comes The Rain Again

All through Saturday night. Huge storms here. Thunder and lightening, very, very frightening. Hail. High, howling winds. Driving rains. As savage as it's been in a while. Branches blowing around, trees uprooted and falling over. The whole damn hog as a low pressure system crossed the state brining with it the first real winter storms. Damage everywhere.

In the middle of all of this mayhem the idiot you see above woke up, stretched out, yawned and then yowled. Was he scared? Quite the opposite. He wanted to do a Captain Oates and venture forth into the raging storm so he could have a frolic and see if there were any mice about. The fact that only he would be stupid enough to go out in such weather doesn't phase him in the slightest.

So yowl he did, until he got his fuzzy little arse thrown into the laundry. And he thinks I don't care, but it beats me why anyone would give up a dry, warm, safe house to run about like an idiot in a hurricane.
So Richard Carlton is dead. He wen…

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