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In my attempts to reduce stress this week saw me cancel my meeting with the bosses at my day job. I then informed them that I'd be going part-time and working only three days a week. This then frees up two days so I can concentrate on my writing and other, more fun and personally rewarding, persuits. Personally I think they were pleased as it now gives them a legit excuse not to offer me anymore contracts. Oh the sheer joy of it all.

I'm about to begin work on my third book. I'll also be putting the finishing touches on my second and getting it read to send to the publishers. In the meantime I'm being sounded out for a fourth book, with work to begin sometime towards the end of the year. So what the hell do I need to be treated like crap at a day job? Sure I need to pay the bills, but eBay can take care of that easily enough, and I'm sure that I can snare a part-time contract in another region easily enough.

Life is starting to look damn good. The depression …

Before I Forget: Heaven On A Wednesday Night Part I

There's some things that a soul just can't forget and some things you shouldn't be allowed to forget. Heaven on a Wednesday night is one of those things for me that falls into both categories.

Back in the day, and we're talking 1994 for those who can recall back that far, I, along with a pile of others, were given a second chance at a wild childhood with Heaven and it's Wednesday night retro party, Timewarp. There's been plenty of other Timewarps spring up since those days, but to quite a cliche, the original will always remain the best. I can clearly recall going back to Heaven in around 2000 for a look at their Timewarp and leaving after they played such retro classics as Will Smith's Get Jiggy Wit It, along with the latest from whatever idiot had won Popstars that week. They missed the point entirely, but then that'd be the reason it died a miserable death - the club was barely a fifth full. In it's heyday, back in '94, they'd have to turn…

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