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Alex Toth

I like Toth. He's an odd fellow at the best of times, but you have to admire a guy who replies to a letter and admonishes you for your only mistake - forgetting to date the damn thing. Toth is a visionary in every sense of the word. There's some like Steve Rude - a giant - who's based a good portion of his career on what Toth did back in the day.

I've never met Toth and I don't expect I ever will. However I did have the chance to correspond with him about Ross Andru & Mike Esposito for my book, Partners For Life. Toth sent back a prompt reply detailing how he admired both men for what they did professionally and how he was very taken by Andru as a fellow artist - high praise indeed. I thanked Toth, sent back a detailed reply and a book and got another letter explaining how wrong I was with my questioning. That was cleared up and the last series of letters I got explained how Toth had lived in Australia (Sydney) in the early 1970s - something that I had wondered …

The Fog Lifts

I tell you I don't want that back again. Talk about hellish!!! Still the drugs are working and for once I'm doing what everyone is telling me to do - staying put, sitting on my rapidly disappearing buttocks and just resting up. I've lost a bit of weight so I'm not as porky as I was a while back, which gives me an idea - I'll keep sloughing it off and just present myself in public in a couple of weeks time a skinnier person. Or I'll just pig out on salt and vinegar chips and pork up again. Either way...still I'm happy - I managed to eat some solid foods last night - a nice slice of meatloaf - and it's remained where it should be.

No drinkie night for me tonight. In hindsight I should have stayed home last week but being the idiot I am I just had to go out and get some suds in and become sicker. Talk about a maroon. As an aside - Doc, if you want to drop Firefly off I won't say nope, but for now you'll have to actually visit the inside of the mansi…

No Fun

Well I'm still alive, albeit barely at times. I can't remember when I've had an infection run through me as violently as this one has - it's trimmed a lot of the suet from my porky body in a mere few days, making me slimmer than I've been in years, but at what cost. I can barely raise the energy to type, I've not been at work since Thursday morning and I've done nothing here other than wash sheets since then. It's an effort to even type these words, but hey - that's life!

I'm a poor patient for many reasons. I like to know what's going on and it upsets me when the doctors just take a quick look and say, "Well that's me licked!" Oh great. Hurray for medical advances. At least we've seen the same doctor now more than once and he's actually giving me the horse pills (Clavulin Duo Forte) and something that'll help my breasts grow all perky (Prednisolone). Fortunately I'm eventually going to marry a chemist and she al…

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