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V Is For

Viral Infection. I'm laid low for the second day running with a fairly nasty viral infection. Explains a lot. Still it's given me a day off work and sleep it is, hopefully it'll be gone by Monday so I'll be in fighting shape for my showdown with the HR department. I fully expect that I'll either walk out of that meeting with my demands met or I'll walk out no longer a Government employee. Still there'll be enough money to made via media outlets...heh

V is also for Vendetta. I dragged my sick arse across to the cinema last night to catch it - it only opened here yesterday. I don't do reviews anymore because all a review is is one person's opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. Informed opinion? Possibly. But it's just a matter of taste. One of my all time favourite albums, Booth & The Bad Angel got bad reviews when it was released, yet I think it's a masterpiece. Same with the U2 albums Zooropa and Pop. If I were to review any of those album…

And I Say To Myself, What A Wonderful World

Returned from Melbourne on Monday. God what a dump. Always has been, always will be. Federation Square? over hyped, over priced and just useless. Bring back the photobooth that used to be on that site.

See the image opposite? That's an actual sticker book on sale in Ballarat. It appears that in Victoria you have to be totally PC with everything you do, hence the Amazing Spider-Person. The Spectacular Spider-Person. Web Of Spider-Person. It doesn't have the same ring somehow. As I've always said, Victorian by birth, Victorian by name, Victorian by nature. I wonder what they call Black Goliath? African American Goliath? Or the Black Panther? Non-White Feline? The list can be endless.The insomnia has returned with a vengance, along with the semi-pernament nose-bleeding. I find myself lying in bed listening to the night-time world pass by, the hoons doing burn-outs and screaming around corners, the Bath Hotel spewing it's drunks out into the night air, the sounds as they a…

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