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Full Mooney

Part of the fun of writing a book about a person like Jim Mooney is seeing the art first hand. I've always attempted to try different things, to show people unusal art and, if possible, unpublished art. To this end I've approached a number of artists to work on various Mooney pencils and preliminaries just to see the results. I'm also going for a theme of sorts - I had Norm Breyfogle ink a Mooney Batman. Norm is one of the best Batman artists of the last 20 years, and to me it seemed like a no-brainer to have one of the Batman artists of the 1990s ink a drawing done by one of the Batman artists of the 1940s.

To that end I asked if anyone was interested in doing some work - paid, of course. One of the first off the rank and one of the best, was Bob Almond. Bob's credits are longer than most people's arms, but most would know him for his work over Sal Velluto's pencils on the acclaimed Marvel Comics series Black Panther. Sadly the Panther was cancelled - beats me …

Hop Aboard The Magic Bus

Anyone got a spare $3.50? That's all it cost in those days to see the triple bill of Paul Jones (formerly of Manfred Mann - famous for singing 'Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo'), the Small Faces and the headliners, The Who. I'd be amazed if a similar bill in today's environment managed to cost under $250 per ticket. Still, gotta love those 1968 prices. In case you're wondering, I found the ad in an old issue of Go-Set. That was one Big Show that lived up to it's billing.The Who in Adelaide always reminds me of one of my all time favorite rock and roll stories. Back in the day (1992-1993 to be exact) I used to present a show about rock music on ABC Radio 5AN on a Thursday night. I was limited in what I was allowed to play (this was the ABC after all) but seeing how I went to air from 9:30 to 10:00pm I got away with more than I should have. I managed to do specials on Kiss, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles (one of my all time favs as I got to play a pile of Beatles…

Friday Night Booze Club

Friday evening saw the standard get together for a few suds at the Griffins Head. In attendance were Stevie, Tobias, Chadwick, Dr Nick, the other half and myself. A few ales were drank, music was played and a vigorous discourse was had between the good Doctor and myself as to the virtues of disco music. Bottles and glasses were not thrown, I didn't come home covered in alcohol, unlike the last time, and it appears that this Friday Night Drinking Session (as I shall now officially call it) might become a semi-regular occurrence. Other topics discussed included '80s music (a direct result of my programming the juke-box), the mental state of porn stars (agreance: they are almost certainly emotionally crippled and mentally disturbed), the lack of quality in American beers and the positives of swearing.

I like the Griff. It's quiet, a little bit seedy and on the right side of being a dive bar. It generally gets the office crowd (even more so now that The Planet is long gone) and…

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