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It's Alive!!! Now I Know What God Feels Like!!!

It's open!!! Incredible. After all this time the new Adelaide airport is finally open for business. It seems like only five months ago that we attended the opening day. And not before time too - the old one is seriously ready for demolition.

We had the misfortune to spend about 90 minutes there on New Years Eve sending my mother off back home to Brisneyland. What a filthy cesspit it's become - stinking hot with no air-conditioning, flies everywhere, lights off, no drink machines - in fact no drinks anywhere other than the over-priced bar, food was non-existant as everything was shut down. It reminded me of those crappy airports you see in Third World countries. In short a horrendous experience and one that I'm glad we'll never repeat.

Viva la new airport!!! And unlike Melbourne airport you don't have to drive for an hour to get from the terminal to the city centre.


Be vewy, vewy qwiet... I'm huntin' lawyers.Incredible how the Vice President of the USA can shoot a man, wound him almost fatally, and walk away with a $10.00 fine? Ask yourself this, if that were you or me then... oh, who cares? The man is a twat, like prety much all the world's leaders at the moment, including our own Mr Garrison/Mr Sheen look-alike. Next time let's hope that the gun backfires.

Et Tu, U2?

I'm laughing my nuts off!!! Seriously! U2 announced late last year that they'd be playing concerts in Australia. I, for one, didn't think it was going to happen, but there you go. I've been wrong before, I'm sure I'll be wrong again. Due to a colossal fuck-up most of the tickets were sold to scalpers via U2's own site before they went on sale (seemingly standard procedure for the band these days if reports about the poor allocation for European/USA tickets are anything to go by) and tickets have been fetching a premium ever since. I've bid on a few on eBay and I made a run at two general admission tickets early last week.

Then, this Friday, a bomb dropped. Bass announced that they were selling general admission tickets for $99 a pop. Suddenly there were a run of ads in the Advertiser and the usual wankers on eBay from people trying desperately to off-load their surplus tickets for up to $250 a shot. $250 for a ticket I can wander down to the local Bass o…

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