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Marvel Essentials

I love the Marvel Essentials. Nice, thick volumes, usually chock full of comics that I enjoy reading. In recent times there's been Essential volumes for such short-run '70s comics as Super-Villian Team-Up, Iron Fist and Silver Surfer, along with volumes for Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Defenders and many, many more. They're a great idea - around 20+ issues of a book, printed in black and white with the original cover art, complete credits and, best of all, the creators get royalities. This means that prolific artists such as Mike Esposito, Jim Mooney and Sal Buscema get a few decent cheques during the year. In fact I think you'd be hard pressed to pick up any of the '70s volumes and not find any of those three guys in there, especially Mike.

Is there a downside? Sadly there is. The printing quality can sometimes be right off. The most recent volume, Spectacular Spider-Man Vol II, suffers from some of the worst reproduction that I've ever seen. These aren'…

If It Wasn't So Funny

It'd be sad. Click this link and have a peek at the on-line web-cam for the new Adelaide Airport. The airport was opened a few months back - I know because I went to the grand opening - but a plane has yet to land there. Why? Because someone stuffed up and piddled in the pipes where the fuel usually goes.

Eventually the airport will open, but in the meantime we have to make do with a run down airport that stinks of urine, has no air-conditioning and no shops. It's the kind of airport that I'd expect to find in some third world country really, and an utter disgrace to Adelaide. Until the new aiport does open you can see exactly what's not happening there on an hourily basis. Believe me about the only thing you'll see taking air on this web-cam is the odd seagull and a few pigeons. And even they don't take off on time.

I'm spending the day inside, trying to keep cool, trying to keep my nose from bleeding and scanning what seems to be a hundred odd pages that…

Latest And Greatest

Well I've been a busy little bugger today. In order I've:

Updated the web-site.
Posted a new interview that I did with Tim Sale. It dates from August last year, but hey...
Replied to about a gazillion emails.
Set up a new Yahoo group dedicated to Jim Mooney. Come on in and join up. It's a hoot.
Commissioned a new piece of art for the Jim Mooney book.
Waded through a pile of Legion of Superheroes Indexes to find the Mooney work.
Arranged to send a book out to the States.

All I have to do now is scratch my nuts and the day will be complete. And I've done all of that in the space of two and a half hours, inbetween running back and forth with a nose-bleed that I've had since Friday. I need a good slug of Tequila.

Life is good....

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