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Slack Days And Torn Pants

That's a title that'll sound oddly familiar to most Australians. Hey, Half Days & Patched Pants was one of my favourite books growing up.

Slack day here, and I did throw out a lot of torn pants in a wardrobe clean up. I should be working but I'm not - I'm a naughty little swine. Had a big night out on the pop last night with the missus and Chadwick, plus some people I've worked with; Davros, Kim, Ant and the legendary Omar. You gotta see and hear Omar to believe him. As a result I'm taking today off to consolidate my thoughts and tomorrow I'll be back into the groove and working like a dog once more. It's amazing really, I've always wanted to be a writer and now, in less than 12 months, I'll be starting my third book. I expect that they'll all be published in one big bang too - can't wait really. Once I'm able to I'll let the world know who the third book is about... it'll surprise a lot of people and hopefully it&…

Archive Box #4876

The archives are up. If anyone can be bothered to go through them they'll find some huge gaps. There's stuff that I just don't want out there anymore, so I've just spent the last few hours deleting old posts - I've deleted about 100 or more. It's all crap really.

There's a huge gap there and that's for a reason. It was a difficult period in my life filled with hardship, pain and heartbreak. I got hurt, I hurt others. There's some who refuse to speak to me anymore, so be it, and some I have no time for. Anyway, by deleting the posts it's my way of saying get over it - I have. Along the way there was a lot of fun and some damn good times, and that's what I'll remember from now on.

I've never seen the need for keeping absolutely everything that I've ever written. Call me a Nazi but I'm not above burning my own books. I keep my past up here (taps head) and there it remains. The epithany is now complete and my skin is shed.

Life be…

Achtung Baby

New look, whoopy chook. Oh, and if you want to read the archives then don't waste your time. I'll be deleting them in bulk just as soon as I'm able - pretty much all of it is crap anyway, rantings from when my brain did it's short-circuit.

Anyway, down to the nitty and indeed also gritty.

I'm quite proud of the Andru/Esposito book. I've been told it's a bloody good book, reflective of the amount of time I spent on it - nearly three years. I spent a good 18 months working solidly on it, and the last 9 months of those I worked on it full-time, every day, 7 days a week. However if there's one flaw with it (and I'm sure there's several) then it'd be that there's not a lot of actual writing from my side of things. I transcribed tapes, reconstructed conversations and, in a few places, invented dialogue without changing the course of events, or the feel. Sometimes my dialogue worked better than Mike's and Mike agreed with me. After that amou…

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