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Don't Call Him Goth - Clifford Meth's Latest

Nah, that ain't the title. Shame though.

This arrived in the email today - watch this space because I'm about to do an interview with Clifford Meth himself. We've crossed swords in the past (mainly over Barry Windsor-Smith - one thing we can agree on is that BWS is a very odd fellow indeed) but Clifford has nothing but my respect - I'd walk over hot coals coated in broken glass for this guy. And I'd not do that for many. Go and buy the book - I know I'm about to.

The book is called METHo.d. It was originally titled Mean Little Stories, but comics legend JIM STERANKO, who designed the cover (which is sensational) rather insisted on the new title and it's hard to say no to Jim. Especially when he's doing your cover.

METHo.d. is illustrated fiction in the Byron Preiss WEIRD HEROES tradition. There's art by Steve Lieber, Al Milgrom, Jordan Raskin, Michael Netzer, Paty Cockrum, and Wm. Messner-Loebs. T…

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